12 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I visited a colleagues blog, Jenna of Littlebit Heart, and was pleasantly surprised to find that she has written a post on "15 Things We Didn't Know About Her", which has inspired me to write this post.  I'm a very private person and it takes quite a bit for me to open up and become comfortable enough to do so.  When I mention certain things to people, they always come back with "I didn't know that" or "I never knew that" so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to enlighten some with who I am and what makes me "tick" per se'. 

Image Courtesy of Olan Mills
From long hair to short hair, I still look the same.

Image Courtesy of Olan Mills
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  1. I LOVE to cook and experiment with food, especially pastries.  In high school, I used to bake and sell homemade cookies to my classmates (my first bite of the entrepreneurial bug).  I was forced to stop when the cookies in the cafeteria began to go unsold because mine began to sell out before second period!  I took EVERY cooking class that school had to offer and I also wanted to be a chef right out of high school but my family didn't agree with my career choice so I turned down my full scholarship to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.
  2. Since I didn't follow my true love, I followed someone else's and joined the medical field.  I'm a Registered Medical Assistant and I have a 13 yr background in the medical field.  My undergrad degree in is Health Care Administration because I prefer to wear a suit and stilettos instead of scrubs and sneakers.  Although medicine came naturally, I had to follow my dream and passion, so my MBA has a concentration in Entrepreneurship.
  3. Because of my background in medicine, I have a fondness to pens!!!  Like Jenna, I like to write with my "favorite" one at the moment and will only use that one until I choose another.  I carry my pen with me and will even sign the receipts with it at the check out line.  I'm often laughed at, but I don't care! :-)
  4. I love TV and some of my favorite shows are medical shows, like Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice.  I also love the cooking shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, and the list goes on.  Don't get me started on the wedding shows!! Let's just say, I watch ALL of them EXCEPT Bridezilla!!
  5. I have over 100 pair of shoes but only 2 of them are flats and I keep them all in their original boxes.  To me, there is just something different about the stiletto that says power, and from an early age, I have loved high heels.  What girl doesn't???  I graduated high school with 96 pair of shoes and was devastated when I wast told that I wasn't able to take them all to college with me.
  6. I secretly want to be a model for a day because I love my smile and I think I have a nice enough fave at the age of 39!!!!  Whether my hair is long or short or if I'm wearing my glasses or not, my appearance is unmistakable. I had the opportunity to do so at a the open house of a Randi L Moore's bridal gown salon.  I had a blast!  To see the photos go here.
  7. I'm a hopeless romantic!!! I truly believe in love and feels that, in most cases, love can conquer all.  I got into planning weddings because I always dreamed of my own and always had an eye for the details.  I've always liked putting parties together and wanted to be a part of someone's special day.  There's no more of a romantic party to plan than a wedding!
  8. I'm an avid reader.  I've been reading since middle school and if the book is good, I can read the entire book in one day.  My children love to read and still love to go to the library.  They too can read a book in a day.  You'll find lots a books in my house as my dream is to have my own library in my home.
  9. My absolute favorite place to be is the beach.  The water has always been my place of solace.  So naturally, my favorite vacation spots have water nearby.  Too bad I don't know how to swim!!  That's on my to-do list for 2012
  10. I love to dance! My goal is to learn a few ballroom dances, especially the Rumba.  This is my favorite of all of the ballroom dances and the most sensual.  This is the dance I plan to do as my first dance when ever I get married.
  11. I love the sound of the rain but I hate to be out in it.  I have a CD titled "Thunderstorms" and when I have trouble sleeping, I pop it in and fall right to sleep.  Sometimes it sounds so real that I have to look outside to see if it's really raining, lighting, and thundering. LOL
  12. Spring is my favorite season.  The warmth of the winter is slowly fading and new life is beginning with the blossoming flowers.  Since a little girl, I love the gentle breeze that kisses my cheek and always thought that God was planting soft kisses and assuring me that everything was going to be just fine.  I still feel this way today!