Friends Before Prince Charming

Growing up, little girls dream about the day they will get married. The venue, the flowers, the dress and the shoes. We can picture it all. It's a beautiful, perfect day.  There is only one thing missing from our vision...the groom.  We have no idea who this lucky guy will be but we know he is going to simply be the best.  He's educated, has a career, a sense of humor, and his number one priority is his lady. I've read my fair share of love stories and know that many of them start with the girl and guy being really good friends before realizing that they have something much more than that.

Image Courtesy of: This Modern Love Photography

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Prior to finding our Prince Charming, we may have to wade through a few not so good catches.  When opportunities for dates present themselves and we get ready for that first date, think for a moment about meeting a new friend and not a potential husband.  Although a husband may be our ultimate goal, think of the great future you could have if before you met your husband, you met your best friend. Friendship, after all, is the foundation of any great relationship. I’ve heard many brides say β€œhe’s my best friend” I mean; does it get any better than that?

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I'm so fortunate and blessed to have a job where I work with some awesome brides (featured above) and get to witness amazing friendships, blossoming love, and those who have found their Prince Charming.