A Colorful & Playful Spring

My April 2012 bride comes to me and says that she can't pull her vision together.  She loves fuschia, wants the men in the wedding to wear khaki suits, and wants to have flip flops available for the women in the event that their feet begin to hurt from the high heels or too much dancing.  She also wanted it to be fun and festive wiht a touch of Morocco.  As always, I put an inspiration board together so she could see how some of her ideas would look, once they were all layed out...

Images via Pinterest

The venue has gold chairs and the caterer offers khaki linens.  To stay within her budget, I suggested pink roses and gerberas, and plenty of candlelight in lanterns and Moroccan tea glasses for her 6pm ceremony.  Now that she can see it all together, she loves the concept.  Now, it's time to pull it all together for Spring!