A Fruity Cocktail Hour

We’re now in the height of the wedding season and the cocktail hour is the time that’s typically used for the guests to mingle while the bride, groom, and family are taking pictures.  It’s also an area where people either skimp on or go overboard, so you want to ensure your guests are satisfied and entertained until the main event (the reception) takes place.

Considering that’s it’s nearly scorching everywhere across the globe, and fruit is always refreshing, here are some ideas that will keep your guests’ stomachs at bay until the main course.

Shrimp & Plantain Cocktails
Fruit Skewers with Mint Sauce

Apricot Bites
Of course we can’t forget the actual cocktail.  After all, the moment was named after a drink wasn’t it?  Here are a few fruity suggestions for a refreshing choice prior and even during your reception.

Banana Plantain Hua Moa
Strawberry Swirl
Mango Margarita