A Man's Love

It is always great when we literally stumble upon a photograph that stops us in our tracks and makes us think for a moment or two; maybe even dream a little.  That’s how I felt when I saw this photo on the blog of the very talented Ross Oscar Knight, whose photography I’ve loved for quite some time, and a photograph that inspired me to write this post.
Image Courtesy of RossOscarKnightPhotography.com
© 2011 Ross Oscar Knight - All Rights Reserved
As I’ve said many times before, photography is one of my favorite forms of art.  It has the capability to elicit such ranges of emotion and I find it amazing that one person can feel one thing while another can feel something different altogether.
Image Courtesy of JessicaMonnichPhotography.com

Love is one of the most powerful emotions there is and I feel there’s no greater time or place to show that emotion than, a man awaiting his bride on their wedding day.  One of my all-time my favorite songs; When a Man Cry, by Tony Terry says “There’s nothing more tender than the warm and loving tear drops of a man.  We don’t have to be strong all the time. So let it be known and let the truth be told. It takes a big man to let he pain show and a bigger man to let it go.”  I certainly agree and it tugs at my heart strings every time.
Image Courtesy of JayMoorePhotography.com
Image Courtesy of SavannahWeddingProfessionals.com