A Second Dress For The Reception?

What's one of the first things a bride does shortly after getting engaged?  She shops for a wedding dress.  Now days, she is not just shopping for the "perfect" wedding gown.  She's also shopping for the "must-have" reception dress to party and dance in.  Depending on who you ask, there are some that feel that one dress is enough and those that will say "go for it!"  Personally, I like to see the change and the element of surprise.  It's definitely an option that I plan on pursuing when it's my time to walk down the aisle.  Besides, I plan on doing the Rumba as my first dance and I'll certainly need a sexy dress for that dance!

Image Courtesy of OuterInner.com

Here are a few tips:

  • Whether you choose a long sexy dress or a short flirty dress, choose a dress that will still make you look like the bride.  You definitely want to remain the star of the evening, so you don't want to blend in with your guests.  
  • Consider your reception.  Do you have special events planned during your reception, such as a special first dance, like the Rumba, or sorority song to be sung that you'd rather have a more "relaxing" style of dress?
  • Consider your ceremony.  Is your ceremony location more traditional or have special meaning because your parents were married there and your reception venue is a little more fun so you'd like to like to show more of your personality?  Then maybe you'd like to have a more classic traditional dress to get married in "your family" church and a fun and flirty dress to party in.

Image Courtesy of WMine.com
Image Courtesy of WMine.com

If you choose to wear just one dress or opt to do a change for your reception, remember that you're the bride and it's your day.  Do what you feel most comfortable doing!  Happy Planning