Be Who You Are!

Every day I read or hear something that really strikes a chord within me and I try to pass that on to others.  “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”  It’s a quote from Dolly Parton that was cited in a movie that I watched over the weekend.  If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I’m a big movie buff.  Anyway, this sounded so much like my mantra of “Do you” or “Be you” that I had to write about it.

Often times many of us get so wrapped up in being included in this circle or that one that we lose focus on what we really like or want.  We have a voice but are afraid to speak it in fear of what others may think of the opinions we have.  As if having a mind of our own is such a bad thing!


I have very few friends.  You may have just gasped at that statement, but this is by choice and not because of my popularity status.  Even if it was, I still have a say-so in who’s allowed into my circle of influence!  FRIEND is not a word that I use lightly or take for granted.  My friends are there for the good, the bad, AND the ugly.  Even when our opinions are polar opposites on the same issue, we can continue to support each other.  It’s like the word “love” for me, it carries a lot of weight!  These days it’s thrown around too loosely.  


My point today and one I’ve learned along my journey, find your white space.  Find what makes you, you and do it.  You have to believe that you are special to accomplish great things.  Sadly, many of us just don’t know how special we are!  You shouldn't rely on someone else to validate you or what you already know.  There are so many opinions in this world but when it comes to deciding what’s best for you, your opinion should be the deciding factor and should be the one that matters the most.