Fashion Friday

Dennis Basso Wedding Dresses

When I first fell in love with Dennis Basso, it was because of his gorgeous fur coats.  Being from Michigan, it was certainly a fashionable way to stay warm and I was in love with the many option of fur that I could choose from (for all of you animal lovers, I chose faux fur options!). Not too long ago, I found out that Dennis Basso was into other fashion, including wedding dresses. I was impressed by the gowns themselves, the detailing, and the styling of them.  On some of my faorite wedding shows, like Say Yes To The Dress and Randy To The Rescue, I've seen many brides walk away with Dennis Basso gowns.  They have a warm place in my heart, no pun intended, and today I wanted to show off some of my favorite ones.













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Fashion Friday: Denim & Orange

Aside from weddings, I huge lover of fashion; clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and all the other accessories.  I love NY Fashion Week, Bridal Fashion Week, and even shows like Project Runway. So, I wanted to dedicate a part of my blog to fashion, similar to the Tuesdays Shoesday posts. This week, I've created a casual, yet elegant outfit.  It can be worn on Fridays at the office, a day out shopping, a casual date with your guy, or simply hanging out with your girls.  Where ever you decide to go, make a fashionable statement!

Denim & Orange

J Brand mid-rise jeans:, Christian Louboutin sandals:, Marni Buckle Handbag:, Tamara Cornolli Leather pendant:, Bottega Veneta Stone Jewelry:, Crislu Diamond Locket Necklace:, Tory Burch Sunglasses:

Fashion Friday: Elegant Date Night

It's not uncommon for a wife to dress her husband or a couple to dress in similar styles, patterns, or colors when going somewhere special.  Some people find it annoying to see couples dressed alike, but I happen to find it quite flattering to have your mate on your arm in complimentary colors and textures.  I find that it adds to your style and personality as well also showcases an unspoken bond between the two of you. For this Fashion Friday post, I've put together an elegant "date night" couple in the classic colors of black and white, which you can never go wrong with.  You could be going out for a great night on the town, headed to a night at the theater, or a semi-formal affair.  Either way, I hope I've provided some inspiration for you to have some fun!

Black & White Date Fashion

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