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Copper and Cream Wedding Inspiration

Lately, I've been completely OBSESSED with copper and rose gold. As a child, rose gold was my favorite color of gold, which stemmed from the colors in a cameo brooch that my grandmother had given me. I even remember wanting all of my jewelry to be rose gold.

Image Courtesy of:  Style Me Pretty

Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Today, rose gold, or copper as some like to call it, is making a mark on the wedding industry and having a huge impact! Over the last year, we've seen it in the most classic and elegant weddings or weddings having a more rustic feel. For whatever type of wedding you're planning, I have for you today, a copper and cream inspiration board. Within it, you'll find elements that tickle your fancy, no matter your style. Enjoy and happy planning!

Centerpiece Image Courtesy of: Deer Pearl Flowers Teacup Image Courtesy of: Wedding Bee Furniture (Pillow) Image Courtesy of: Etsy Place Setting Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty via Steve Steinhardt Stationery Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Weddings Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Ruffled Blog Stiletto Image Courtesy of: The Perfect Palette via Amy & Jordan Photography Wedding Cake Image Courtesy of: Monecheri Bridals

Burnt Orange and Brown Wedding Inspiration

Fall is my favorite time of year, for its bold beautiful colors. It's the time of year where we see plenty of reds, burgundies, browns, and oranges. But, the time right around Halloween and Thanksgiving really brings about the earth tones of burnt orange and brown and all of the smells of the holidays. These colors have also been quite poplar in many fall wedding color palettes. So, as we approach this holiday season, enjoy this vivid burnt orange and brown wedding inspiration board. Burnt Orange Brown Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Wedding Bee Dressing Room Image Courtesy of: Hill Country InteriorsNail Polish Image Courtesy of: The Nail Network Tablescape Image Courtesy of: Arising ImagesCeremony Aisle Image Courtesy of: Napkin Image Courtesy of: Project Wedding Jewel Image Courtesy of: Stoned With Carl Dress Image Courtesy of: Frou Frou Fashionista

Polka Dot Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes it’s not a specific color or set of colors that drives a wedding design in one direction or another. Sometimes it’s a pattern, such as stripes, polka dots, or a chevron pattern.  I wanted to do something a little bit different and provide a little polka dot wedding inspiration. Polka dots will always remind me of my childhood, as it was a dominant pattern on a variety of clothing and items that decorated my grandmother’s house. The colors were random, but the pattern was all the same. Today, for your daily dose of inspiration, I’ve narrowed down the colors to white with black polka dots, in the event that you prefer a pattern, more than a set of colors to drive your wedding design. Enjoy! Polka Dot Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Suzanne Esper Cakes Shoe Image Courtesy of: One Wed Paper Balloon Image Courtesy of: Find It For Weddings Plate Image Courtesy of: Fraulein Klein Invite Image Courtesy of: Etsy Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Southern Living Nail Image Courtesy of: Tumblr Straw Image Courtesy of: Etsy

Navy Inspiration Boards That'll Suit Your Fancy

As you may already know, blue is my favorite color and the shade doesn’t matter.  The various shades remind me of the ocean, the midnight sky, or the deep blue sea. There’s something about it that’s just tranquil and relaxing. With that being said, I just couldn’t decide on what “blue” inspiration board I wanted to put together. I started with navy and went fro there.  So, today I have a navy and white inspiration board, a navy and white striped inspiration board and the others have navy stripes with pops of yellow, green, and pink. If you’re a lover of navy blue, you’re to find one of these that suit your fancy. Enjoy! Navy White CollageTank Image Courtesy of: Etsy Invite Image Courtesy of: Paper Source Knife Set Image Courtesy of: Etsy Cake Image Courtesy of: Cake Central Bridesmaid Image Courtesy of: The Every Last Detail Matches Image Courtesy of: Etsy Shoe Image Courtesy of: The Wedding Chicks Table Image Courtesy of: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Navy Stripe Collage2

Umbrella Image Courtesy of: Cake Image Courtesy of: Wedd Book Invite Image Courtesy of: Etsy Place Setting Courtesy of: Home Styling Tie Image Courtesy of: Wedd Book Cookie Image Courtesy of: Etsy Candy Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Table Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Navy Stripe Yellow Collage

Invite Image Courtesy of: Wedding Bee Cake Image Courtesy of: Miso Bakes Bridesmaids Image Courtesy of: Etsy Table Image Courtesy of: Cerental Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Wedding Chicks Square Centerpiece Image Courtesy of: Wedding Window Mint Image Courtesy of: Etsy Round Centerpiece Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Navy Stripe Green Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Cakes Decor Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Shell And Chinoiserie Drink Courtesy of: The Frosted Petticoat Invite Courtesy of: Shine Wedding Invitations Centerpiece Image Courtesy of: I Take You Bridesmaid Image Courtesy of: A Simple LDS Wedding Ribbon Image Courtesy of: Straw Image Courtesy of: Etsy

Navy Stripe Pink CollageInvite Image Courtesy of: Hey Gorgeous Straw Image Courtesy of: House of Hydrangeas Pillow Courtesy of: Ruffled Blog Tables Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Cake Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Shoe Image Courtesy of: Southern Wedding Drape Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Sparkling Navy Inspiration Board

Blue has always been my favorite color. It doesn't even matter the shade. From light blue to indigo, it makes me smile. You also know that I'm such a girlie girl so if you combine that blue with a little bit of sparkle and I'm so in love! Today, I've paired navy with gold for this beautiful sparkling navy inspiration board. With the dark colors, this inspiration board can serve as the perfect inspiration for a fall or winter wedding and the sparkle is perfect for a wedding around the holidays. Enjoy! Navy Gold Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: New Jersey Bride Shoe Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Tea Setting Image Courtesy of: Etsy Stationery Image Courtesy of: Nika Paperworks Reception Image Courtesy of: Celebrity Style Weddings Place Setting Courtesy of: Belle The Magazine Flowergirl Image Courtesy of: Etsy Bridesmaid Image Courtesy of: Min Mit

Orange and Gray Wedding Inspiration

Like black, gray is one of those colors that can pretty much go with anything and it's especially pretty for a wedding. The good thing about the color gray is that it can be paired with an equally muted color, like black, or be paired with a bright and bold color like yellow, fuchsia, and even orange. The orange and gray wedding inspiration board that I have for you today would work well for any of the four seasons. The palette is great for the winter because the color gray has a cool, icy tone to it. It'll work well in the spring because the shades of orange is just enough brightness without being too much. For the summer, the orange is a great pop of color and gray is light and airy. Lastly, orange and gray wedding color palette will be great in the fall season because the gray is a very nice offset to the typical orange color that's used in the fall. Regardless of the season, this orange and gray wedding inspiration board should inspire you to let your creative juices flow. Enjoy!

Orange & Gray 12

Suitcase Image: Candy Image: Stiletto Image: Bridesmaid Image: Ring Box Image: Groom Image: Invitation Necklace Image: Perfume Image: Drink Image: Lounge Image:

Lavender and Cream Wedding Inspiration

With spring being here, pastel colors are popular choices for weddings. Pastel colors are soft and pretty and really go well with the spring season, as darker colors are typically saved for the fall and sometimes winter. I've put together a lavender and cream inspiration board for a wedding that has a neutral palette with a little bit of color. Aside from that, a lot of people simply love lavender as it's known to have a calming effect. If you're looking for a soft, pretty, and calming lavender and cream wedding inspiration that will inspire you. Enjoy!


Dress Image Courtesy of: Burnett's Board Napkin Image Courtesy of: Dessert Image Courtesy of: Plate Image Courtesy of: Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Lavender Lemonade Image Courtesy of: Suvelle Cousine Place Card Image Courtesy of: Cake Image Courtesy of: Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes.

Football Wedding Inspiration

It's still the height of wedding season and football season has just begun.  Some grooms frown upon wedding dates during football season, especially weddings on Sunday!  When I consult with my brides, I always like to get the story of who they are as a couple as well as individually. It's my job to incorporate both of them into their wedding.  If football is his thing, then it's up to me to figure out a way to incorporate his passion into the wedding too. Whether it's a football themed wedding or the incorporation of a football, the groom's personality should be included.  Be it the engagement pictures, groom's cake, centerpieces, cocktail dessert, or a cute wedding party photo. For today's Men's Monday post, I've put together an inspiration board that will give you a few ideas on including the groom in your wedding during football season. They're small details that will include him but not overshadow the bride!

Football Collage

Groom's Cake: Football Centerpiece: Football Mugs: Football Engagement: Football Strawberries: Football Cufflinks: (For a Discount Coupon, click here:) Ringshot: Bridal Party: Jonathan Ivy Phototography

Seaglass Wedding Inspiration

Beach weddings have been popular since the beach has been in existence.  Today, the latest trend added to beach and beach themed weddings is seaglass! Blue is my personal favorite color because of its connection to the ocean and the tranquility that it represents for me. Seaglass is a gorgeous touch to add to a wedding and can be incorporated in so many different ways; varying shades of blue in the bridesmaids dresses, a bold statement piece of jewelry on your wedding day, your signature drink, the wedding cake and so much more.  I've put together a seaglass inspiration board to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you if you're planning a beach wedding or incorporating seaglass.  Enjoy!

Seaglass Collage

Bridesmaids Image: Oceanside Bride: Dress Image: Tablescape Image: Style Me Pretty Cake Image: Stationery Image: Necklace Image: Martini Image: Escort Cards Image:


Pale Blue & Orange Wedding Inspiration

I know we're heading into fall but I want to hold onto the summer just a little bit longer; the bright colors, the softness, and just the warmth.  Orange is such a happy color and one of my favorite colors for weddings as well.  Today, I've paired it with pale blue, for a soft yet romantic wedding inspiration.  Enjoy! Blue & Orange Palette

Bridesmaids Image: Tuxedo Image: Cookies Image: Bouquet Image: Cake Image: Stationery Image: Table Setting Image: Drinks Image: