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Wedding Day Rompers and Jumpsuits

Being stylish and comfortable is really what it’s all about. As trends continue to change in the wedding industry, there are more opportunities for you and your bridal party to have some comfort on your wedding day. With wedding day rompers and jumpsuits, your bridal party can be extra comfortable as they’re getting ready for the wedding. The rompers are just as pretty and appealing as the bathrobes that many brides and their bridesmaids are choosing to wearing today. They’re also great for taking pictures in and make great gifts for your bridal party to have long after your wedding day.

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Another trend that’s growing these days are the wedding day jumpsuit. We’ve all heard story after story of bridesmaids not liking the dress that they have to purchase for your wedding. Depending on the time of year, wearing pants may be more suitable and a lot more comfortable than wearing a dress. This is where the option of wearing a wedding day jumpsuit may come in handy. They’re just as formal as a traditional bridesmaid dress and you may even have greater buy-in from your bridal party. Lastly, a wedding day jumpsuit can serve as your second outfit to wear as you dance the night away or as you say goodbye to your family and friends as you’re getting in your getaway car.

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 Whether you’re wearing a wedding day romper to start the day or a jumpsuit to end the night, you and your bridal party will be stylish and comfortable. Happy planning!

Seaglass Wedding Inspiration

Beach weddings have been popular since the beach has been in existence.  Today, the latest trend added to beach and beach themed weddings is seaglass! Blue is my personal favorite color because of its connection to the ocean and the tranquility that it represents for me. Seaglass is a gorgeous touch to add to a wedding and can be incorporated in so many different ways; varying shades of blue in the bridesmaids dresses, a bold statement piece of jewelry on your wedding day, your signature drink, the wedding cake and so much more.  I've put together a seaglass inspiration board to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you if you're planning a beach wedding or incorporating seaglass.  Enjoy!

Seaglass Collage

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Bridal Party Trends

Back in the day, we would have the bridal party to come dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt so that they wouldn't mess up their freshly done make up and styled hair on their wedding day. Today, brides are much more fashionable and fashion conscious.  They're interested in the big picture and want their bridesmaids to look good while getting dressed for the wedding.  There are fashionable robes that have emerged to comfortable t-shirts and sweat pants.  I'm all about the details but also think that there's a bit of unity in dressing alike for such a special occasion. 06cec01eb45f82b042da8159f5262fde

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Floral Table Runners

We're always seeing new trends emerging in the wedding industry and the latest happens to be table runners made from amazing florals.  Floral table runners add such an amazing element to the decor and give the eyes something to feast upon, in conjunction with the centerpieces that are on the table.  Today, for this Trendy Thursday, I've compiled some of my favorite floral table runners for your inspiration. TableRunner

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Gorgeous Wedding Chair Decor

I remember when I first started planning weddings, almost ten years ago, wedding chairs were basic brown, black, and white.  The hottest thing at the time was the Chiavari chair in gold and silver; then here comes the Chiavari ghost chair. We all know that the trends in the wedding industry continues to change.  Today, we see the same Chiavari wedding chairs and a few others during wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Brides are choosing to not only decorate the ballroom, but also decorate the wedding chairs as well.  If your budget can handle it, I think it's a very creative way to add some additional decor and personality to your wedding reception. Today, I've gathered my top ten wedding chair decorations that you may be able to gain inspiration from for your own wedding or next event.











Trendy Thursday: Cake Pops!

In the wedding industry, something new always emerges. Lately, it's all about the cake pops and we've seen a barrage of them.  From traditional to whimsy, cake pops have been making their rounds to weddings and many other social events.  Today, I've gather some of my favorite Pinterest pins just to show you how creative cake pops can be.  I hope you're inspired!







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