Designing Your Candy Buffet

Candy buffets have been a steady trend for quite some time now and there is no sign of this trend slowing down!  Let's face it, when it comes to candy, there is still a kid inside of all of us and we all love a sweet treat to take home.  But, what makes a great candy buffet?  Is it the colors?  The candy?  The design?  Or, is is a combination of all three?

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Regardless of the theme, every wedding should appeal to the five senses, sight being one of them.  If you're opting to do a candy buffet, this is a very large detail that shouldn't be overlooked.  It should be visually appealing at first glance.  Lets face it, we all eat with our eyes first!  It should be placed on a table that has its own space in the room and the table should have coordinating linen.

When designing your candy buffet, consider these things:
1.  Make sure that you've chosen containers that allow your guests to see the candy that's being offered to them.

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2.  The containers should be of varying heights and widths to give the eyes something to "dance to."
3.  Choose candies that matches your wedding or event colors for a more cohesive look.  Your table will be a piece of art on its own.

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4.  If you choose, you can add ribbon and signage to the jars for a more decorative look.  A backdrop is also a great suggestion.

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5.  For portion control, consider small boxes or bags so that you'll have enough candy to make through all of your guests.