Fashionable Groomsmen

Sometimes the man of your dreams just isn’t the suit wearing kind of guy, even though you’d like him to wear a suit on your wedding day.  He’d probably prefer to wear something that more his taste and more him. Today’s fashion trends have changed and men are choosing to express themselves and show their true personality.

If the groom doesn't mind the suit but his groomsmen prefers not to wear one:

If the location just isn't suitable for a tuxedo or a suit:

If the groom doesn't mind the suit but hates to wear dress shoes or socks:

If wearing the whole suit is just too much for everybody:

From suits with not jackest to sweaters, from sneakers to argyle socks, from the runway to the aisle, the options are pretty much limitless.  The fashion he chooses can still blend in with the theme of the wedding for a day that still speaks to the aesthetics of the bride and groom and to a day that we will all remember.