Georgia Gives Day

Many people aren’t aware that, besides being a passionate full-time wedding and event planner, I’m also very passionate about education and the future of our children and I spend my days trying to better the lives of their future.  For many people in the wedding industry, it’s frowned upon to have a full-time job, especially if it’s not related to the industry. Well, today I’m coming out to say that I have a full-time day job that I love and a full-time evening job that I love just the same, but I’d like to shed some light on the daytime one.

I work for a non-profit organization where we’re determined to level the playing field for metro Atlanta youth by providing quality educational, health, and life skills programs.  The programs that we provide are completely free to the students, but we depend on outside funding to keep the center running.  We obtain most of our funding from the Federal programs and private donors but also depend on fundraisers throughout the year, which brings me to Georgia Gives Day.

Photo via Aliyah Abdurah-Rahman
Georgia Gives Day is a state-wide initiative where you can donate to your favorite charities. With just a small donation, you can help us enhance our programming and sustain as a community.  This is an opportunity to invest in an organization that children consider a second home.

Just to put things in perspective as to why fundraising is important.  As mentioned previously, our programming is free.  The actual cost to run the organization ranges from $5 to $150 per student.  It costs $5 for one day of tutoring and homework support for one student, $40 for one week of tutoring or homework support for one student, $80 for two weeks of tutoring and homework support for one student, and $150 for one month of tutoring and homework support for one student.  Whether you give a little or a lot, it all helps towards giving our children a brighter future.  Please visit, to help!