It's Ok to Share

“Because of your gifts, God will draw men unto you.”  It’s a quote from the Bible and one said by the lovely Diann Valentine at the Inspire Smart Success Experience that I recently attended in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Stacie Francombe.  I met and befriended some amazing people but this was one of the quotes that just stood out to me more than the others, because I've always said, what is for me is for me.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does in an effort to change that, and this quote pretty much said substantiated that. 

The Welcome Baskets that the guests were provided upon check-in at the Hotel
The Letter Press Itinerary provided by ShopAnnabelle's
Our Individual Place Settings

In the wedding industry, we as wedding planners, designers, and the like are typically trying to hoard information.  We aren't always willing to share our information with others in fear that our own businesses or client rosters will suffer if we do.  I’m here to tell you that’s it’s ok to share, and your business can’t run without the strength of a healthy relationship with colleagues within the industry.  This was also confirmed at the conference.  When you have a great vendor-to-vendor relationship your business actually grows in the process, instead of it being hurt from it.  There really isn’t a need to think that you can run a one-man or one-woman company.  You’re setting yourself up for failure, and fast if you think that!

Once again, the amazing Swag Bags
The beautifully decorated panel
Karlena Wallace of Stiletto Woman Media & Leigh Duncan of Orlando Wedding Magazine
Lauren Grove of Every Last Detail
Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings and Diann Valentine
The beautiful menu cards by Natural Impressions
The Success Is Sweet Dessert Bar

People have asked me why I took the time to come to the ISSE in Orlando after I had already been to the Experience in Atlanta.  The answer is simple.  As a small business owner, there is always something to learn, especially if someone is willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you.  Someone once told me that a wise man learns from the experiences of others so that you can learn how to be successful yourself.  For a small investment, I figured I’d learn a little more.  Believe me, I did!

Myself and Tiffany Cook 
Myself, Tiffany Cook, & Marilyn Martinez of Natural  Impressions

Secondly, to be in a place where there is a group of people just as passionate about the same industry as I am is priceless.  That’s how relationships are born and that’s really what it’s all about.  We get to spread our wings and fly out of our own comfort zone of vendors and see what other talented people are in the world.  As stated earlier, I met some amazing people, such as Mariana Herrera Mosli of Kismis Ink Photography, DJ Carl Williams, and Monique Turley of ShutterBooth Photo & Video Booths.  I was reacquainted with Karlena Wallace of Stiletto Woman Media and Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings and those that I just knew via Twitter such as, Lauren Grove of Every Last Detail, April Dorsey of the D-Tales, and Eileen Kanter of Diva With A Fork.  All in all, it was a great experience and one I'd recommend!