Lighting The Intelligent Way

We’ve talked about the most commonly used lighting techniques but if your budget allows, how about doing something a little different and going with Intelligent Lighting?  I had the opportunity to chat with my friend and lighting professional, Roy of Unique Event Management regarding some new things that are going on in the industry.
What is Intelligent Lighting you ask?  To sum it up, it’s moving lights.  But we’re not talking about the disco kind or those necessarily seen at the club.  We’re still referring to weddings and the elegance that a wedding has.  Basically, the lights work together with a lighting board and lighting director to give movement to the room. 
If you’re really into weddings as I am, you watched the Monopoly ® episode of “My Fair Weddings” with David Tutera and saw the dice being rolled throughout the evening and the room changed colors as if moving around the board.  Well, for the dice to roll and the colors to change, Intelligent Lighting had to be used.  You may not be into Monopoly ® but I think you get the idea.
If you’ve chosen to have a Gobo to be displayed on the wall and just don’t want it to sit there, maybe you want it to change colors throughout your event. 
Have a certain pattern that you love and the Gobo just isn’t enough for you?  Pattern Lighting allows your favorite pattern to be displayed on the wall, ceiling, and dance floor.

When it comes to lighting decor, your imagination can run wild.  These days, if you can dream it, it truly can be accomplished!