My 2012 Goals And Aspirations

I don't have a fancy post or pretty pictures to share today.  Today, I wanted to share my personal and professional goals for 2012.  Each year, I sit down and write my goals for the year.  I have found it much easier than making resolutions that many of us tend to forget we made after the second week of January.  This year, my goals are more challenging as I feel we should continue to challenge ourselves and grow continuously.  Without further ado, here are my goals for the upcoming year.

My Personal Goals:

1.  Become more financially stable~ After my car accident, life just went a little haywire and I need to rebuild to get life comfortable again.
2.  Read the Bible from cover to cover~ I start each year reading it and midway, I lose a little steam.  I can't allow my busy schedule to get in the way of what I know is the right thing to do.
3.  Grow Spiritually & Get Involved in Church~ I've always been a praying kind of person but prayer isn't just for Sundays or at bedtime.  Having a conversation with God is simple and I reclaiming Him as the head of my life.
4.  Buy a new car~ I deserve to drive a car that I want instead of what that I have to have.  Since my car accident left me doing just that, I'm aspiring to have a new car by the end of the year.
5.  Fall in love~ I know this sounds crazy to some, but I want to have someone to share my days and nights with. That's all I'll say about that!

My Professional Goals:

1.  Grow both companies~ It's hard enough to own and operate one company, but with me having two (Wrapped Couture and Enraptured Events) my plate is full!  By no means am I complaining, since I'm doing exactly what I love to do.  I'm just working hard to get them both to a place where they can sustain life and allow some comfort. With my recent invitation to the Stellar Awards, I'm hoping that this will come sooner than later.
2.  Get at least one of my events published on a major blog or magazine~ I'm so passionate about the events that I create and the details that I help my clients select that it's now time to share them with a greater audience.
3.  Sell a gift basket to at least one celebrity~ I know this sounds lame but I really want to increase awareness of my gift baskets. I'm grateful that people love them as they do, especially since I put so much into each one but I figure with someone in the spotlight liking them too, that the awareness will come as well.  With my recent invitation to the Stellar Awards, I'm hoping that this will come sooner rather than later.
4.  Attend an International Wedding Conference~ I love to network and learn from those that came before me  I've gone to some local conferences but I want to be able to meet those that are around the country too.
5.  Grow more as an Event Designer~ Knowledge is power and there is always something that can be learned in this industry to stay abreast of the trends.

There you have it; my goals for the year.  As I accomplish something, I check it off the list.  It's always nice to come back to them in December and see how far I've come and how much I've accomplished.  Putting it out here for the world to see, makes me that much more accountable and driven to succeed.