My Dream First Dance

The other day, the "Question of the Day" by one of my favorite bridal magazines, Mumaluchi Bridal was “What song would be the song you would dance to for your father/daughter or mother/son dance?”  Normally, I participate in the QOTD but it got me to thinking about my own first dance as husband and wife.  Not, that the father/daughter or mother/son dance isn’t important.

I’m an absolute sucker for romance and I truly love the arts.  I’ve said before, next to photography, dance is my favorite form of art.  It can capture the emotion in a song so beautifully, as if the words were coming to life.  With that being said, my dream is to do the Rumba as my first dance on my wedding day.

To me, it’s the sexiest and most passionate dance there is.  My vows will be my verbal expression of love to my husband and the dance will be my expression of that (well, the expression that I can show publicly anyway ;-) ) It will also be something that my new husband and I can treat our guests to and give them a little something different.