New Traditions at the Alter

Instead of the just the unity candle, sand ceremony, or tasting of the four elements, lately brides and grooms have begun to also show their commitment to each other by locking a few treasures into a treasure chest or box until a pre-selected anniversary.

I recently saw a wedding video where the bride and groom each wrote letters to each other and had their parents hand write letters to them too.  As they exchanged vows, the bride and groom put their letters, along with their parents’ letters, along with a bottle of their favorite bottle of wine, into their treasure box, to be opened on the anniversary of their choosing.

Image Courtesy of Etsy
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I think it’s a great sentiment and a great way to remind each other of what brought you to each other in the first place.  I think love is precious and often taken for granted.  The treasure box is definitely a way to keep a piece of your wedding day just a little bit closer than your wedding album.  You can even put a little of your sand ceremony in there as well.