Outdoor Cocktail Hours

The time has sprung forward, which means that Spring is almost here.  The birds are chirping and flowers are about to bloom; and so is wedding season.  With that, there will be more and more outdoor weddings.

When having an outdoor wedding, people tend to forget the beauty of an outdoor cocktail hour.  If done right, the space can be romantic or show off the cityscape that you call home.  If you can't decide on whether or not to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, this is a great way to have an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour and an indoor reception and allow your guests to have the best of both worlds.

Image Courtesy of Cocoon Beach Club

Weddings and receptions are about the experience.  Outdoor cocktail hours are ways to add to the experience that your guest will have to enjoy and share with you.  If it's something that your budget can allow, and the venue can accomodate, why not give them that experience?  Besides, it's not like you're getting married everyday right?