Simple & Elegant Centerpieces

Let's face it, weddings are big business!  They have become more and more of a production than ever before.  The decor is more grand and opulent and the centerpieces are right there among the grandness of it all.  Because of which, it's easy to get overwhelmed with trying to keep up with everybody else, when you really shouldn't have to.  There are ways to have a fabulous centerpiece without having to pay the extravagant price tag.  Here are some elegant centerpieces that you can try or use for inspiration.  A centerpiece doesn't have to be oh-so-grand.  It can still be simple without taking away from the elegance of your big day.  

Image via Kate Spears via Project Bride

How adorable is this Jell-O filled vase?  This centerpiece was created with Jello-O, using half the suggested amount of water, and daisies.  What a cute and fun idea?  Just prior to the vase being put into the refrigerator for chilling, place the flowers or your choice on the outside of the glass vase.

Image via Edmond Ho via Project Bride

This is by far, one of my most favorite centerpiece ideas.  This one requires you to place a flower underneath a wine glass or champagne glass and sit a candle on top. It truly doesn't get much simpler than this!  

Image via Classy Wedding Ideas

Another suggestion is to float a single flower head in a wine glass, as seen above.  For added effect and color, you could even tint the water a color that matches your wedding colors.

Each of these options are sure to stretch your floral budget and still help you achieve your desired look.  Happy planning!