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Polka Dot Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes it’s not a specific color or set of colors that drives a wedding design in one direction or another. Sometimes it’s a pattern, such as stripes, polka dots, or a chevron pattern.  I wanted to do something a little bit different and provide a little polka dot wedding inspiration. Polka dots will always remind me of my childhood, as it was a dominant pattern on a variety of clothing and items that decorated my grandmother’s house. The colors were random, but the pattern was all the same. Today, for your daily dose of inspiration, I’ve narrowed down the colors to white with black polka dots, in the event that you prefer a pattern, more than a set of colors to drive your wedding design. Enjoy! Polka Dot Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Suzanne Esper Cakes Shoe Image Courtesy of: One Wed Paper Balloon Image Courtesy of: Find It For Weddings Plate Image Courtesy of: Fraulein Klein Invite Image Courtesy of: Etsy Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Southern Living Nail Image Courtesy of: Tumblr Straw Image Courtesy of: Etsy

Peach and Black Wedding Inspiration

There are some color combinations that you really don't expect to see together, especially for a wedding.  Peach and black are two of those colors. Peach is a nice refreshing color and black has been known to symbolize elegance.  I'm feeling a little peachy today and wanted give you some inspiration, using these two colors, just in case you've not decided on what to do for you wedding or you're wanting to accent the colors you've already chosen. Enjoy! Peach Black Collage

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