The Destination Wedding Gift

The question's been popped and she said "yes".  Aside from setting the date, she decided on a location; which happens to be a destination outside of your local area…

Destination weddings aren’t new, but they are increasing in popularity and frequency.  For various reasons, couples are choosing to have more intimate and smaller weddings.

With that being said, guests are often left wondering what to do about gifts.  Since more than 91% of brides register for their wedding gifts, we would naturally gravitate towards their registry and start checking off items.  It’s a challenge for some when the wedding is local (even with a registry), so when the destination is out of the country, the joy of choosing a gift can be a bit more challenging.  For gifts that are being taken internationally, it’s suggested that money or gift certificates are taken to the actual destination or shopping from a registry local to the destination.  Or, you can also take the gifts to the couples’ home or someone that’s been designated to receive them.

Now, here is my suggestion.  There is generally a pre-destination party of some sort; the bachelor party or the bachelorette party, for example; a party to celebrate the journey and wish the couple much love and happiness.  Wouldn’t it be so much cooler to give the happy couple a Custom Gift Basket, specific to who they are, their wedding, or destination of choice; and full of the things that they would need while on the honeymoon?  In a Bridal Guide survey, couples stated that they are most likely to purchase the following:

§  Wardrobe
§  Swimsuit
§  Sunglasses
§  Sunscreen
§  Luggage
§  Video Camera
§  Camera

Of course, most registries and gifts are of items for the home; items to help the couple began their life together and I’m all for that too.  But, wouldn’t it just me a nice thought to show up at the pre-destination party with an unexpected gift that they can just pack away for their honeymoon?  I assure you, they’ll never forget it!