The Shoes Have It

I love shoes!  Let me just put it out there.  I’m always looking for shoes that are different and unique; ones that will stand out on a daily basis and make a statement.  When it comes to your wedding day, the shoe has to be that much more special.  Brides are choosing to be more creative and non-traditional when choosing the shoes they will wear when they walk down the aisle.  Next to the dress, it’s one of the most important accessories, at least in my opinion.

From Martinez Valero

From Nina
It’s one thing to find the perfect shoe and another when you can design it yourself.  If you’re anything like me, you like to feel a little special when you get dressed and feel as though no one will be wearing the same thing.  A custom shoe means that no one else has it and it’s all about your creativity and imagination.  While searching for custom shoes, I came across the company Shoes of Prey, where you can design your shoe from beginning to end. From leather, suede, snake skin, Italian silk, and bling; to peep toe, platform, to ankle boots.  The options are endless.  

No longer are brides choosing simple white or ivory shoes.  They are expressing their style and personality with colors that pop, reflect their wedding colors, or even their traditions.  Whether wedding or everyday wear, a woman loves to make a statement with her shoes and Shoes of Prey is a great place to start and ruffles, bows, and flowers are in this year.