Unique Cuffs

As many of you many know, I’m a jewelry fanatic, but I think, to a certain extent, men are often forgotten about on wedding day.  We’ve seen them show their personality in their suits and choice of shoes, so why not their cufflinks?
There are some companies that I work with that have some amazing cufflinks but I also found some great pictures that could reflect the personalities of those in your bridal party.

Do they all have the same thing in common?  Super Heroes perhaps?
Image Courtesy of WhitmeyerPhotography.com

Is he savvy about money or works in Finance?
Image Courtesy of CharlotteMagagize.com

Image Courtesy of CuffLinkScene.com

Does he love a good game of Scrabble?
Image Courtesy of EcoArtStudios.com

You can never go wrong with his name, can you?.
Image Courtesy of Maddox.net

Even though we know the wedding day is mostly about the bride, it’s very nice to incorporate the groom and his likes into it as well.  It just makes it that much more special.