Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

February has been deemed the "love month" and Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  For many of us, we're tying to plan the perfect evening and gift for our mates, while others are planning to marry their loved one in a Valentine's Day ceremony, which very well may be atop of the Empire State Building.  

For Valentine's Day, we're often stuck on red being the dominant color for the festivities, but it doesn't have to be.  I saw this photo and felt that it screamed love and romance with the delicate pink, cherry blossoms, ethereal drapery, and heart detailing on the aisle runner.  I've seen plenty of Empire State Building nuptials broadcast where the ceremony is outside.  This would be a great change of pace with the same sense of overlooking the city, especially if you're not the outdoorsy type.  This is definitely a win-win.  

Image via Manhattan Weddings

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?