What Makes Your Heart Smile?

I was watching a movie over the weekend and one line I remember the most is, "There may be more than one journey to the same destination, and although we may choose one over the other doesn't mean we've abandoned all the others."  I really thought this was a profound statement and one I had to listen to twice.

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I've always believed that our lives are predetermined, but the path we take to get us there is up to us.  We can choose the easy way or the hard way but often times we choose the more difficult one because we choose to listen to others by being more of a follower than a leader, by following someone else's dream rather than that of our own, and more importantly NOT listening to our gut instinct, which is what I refer to as God speaking to you.

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Of course life isn't meant to be easy.  There are many lessons to learn along the way and bumps and bruises that we will receive.  No matter what, it's the journey to be had and one to take with the bitter and the sweet and learn the lessons along the way.  I've always been told that it's not about how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up swinging.  I've had my fair share of bumps, bruises, and wrong advise but what I've learned the most is to follow my gut, trust God, and believe in myself.  No one knows you better than you. Ultimately, you have to live with you and do what makes your heart smile.

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