What's a Party Without Cake?

With every celebration, whether it’s a wedding, engagement, or birthday, there’s always a cake to commemorate the event.  I remember when cakes were just a circle with vanilla or chocolate frosting and a few flowers.  Now, cake decorators have pushed the boundaries of creativity.

Owing a custom gift basket company, this Basket of Flowers Cake by Cake-a-licous is one that allows me to combine the fact that I make gift baskets and still remain active in the wedding industry.

Courtesy of thebrideandgroom.com
I’m also a girlie girl who loves a great hand bag and a pair of shoes.  This cake allows me to literally have my handbag and eat it too!

Courtesy of Icedartcakedecorator.com.au
Your cake should definitely reflect who you are and your guests will certainly get a kick out of seeing the cake that you've chosen to represent your special moment.