Friends Before Prince Charming

Growing up, little girls dream about the day they will get married. The venue, the flowers, the dress and the shoes. We can picture it all. It's a beautiful, perfect day.  There is only one thing missing from our vision...the groom.  We have no idea who this lucky guy will be but we know he is going to simply be the best.  He's educated, has a career, a sense of humor, and his number one priority is his lady. I've read my fair share of love stories and know that many of them start with the girl and guy being really good friends before realizing that they have something much more than that.

Image Courtesy of: This Modern Love Photography

Image Courtesy of: Michael D Images

Prior to finding our Prince Charming, we may have to wade through a few not so good catches.  When opportunities for dates present themselves and we get ready for that first date, think for a moment about meeting a new friend and not a potential husband.  Although a husband may be our ultimate goal, think of the great future you could have if before you met your husband, you met your best friend. Friendship, after all, is the foundation of any great relationship. I’ve heard many brides say “he’s my best friend” I mean; does it get any better than that?

Image Courtesy of: Sharon Theresa Wheaton

Image Courtesy of: Matt Yung Photography

I'm so fortunate and blessed to have a job where I work with some awesome brides (featured above) and get to witness amazing friendships, blossoming love, and those who have found their Prince Charming.

Two Easy Ways To Have Radiant Skin On Your Wedding Day

Your big day is coming up soon and there’s probably still a lot of last minute things to do. The good news is that you can leave all that last minute running around to your planner and spend these last few days taking care of yourself. This Wednesday, we’ll be focusing on keeping your face bright, clear, and photo ready! Here are a couple of very simple things that you and your bridesmaids can do together to make sure everyone has a face that's looking smooth and relaxed for your wedding day.

Egg Mask

This one is great for oily skin, it helps tighten your pores and it adds some brightness to your skin. It only requires two ingredients: an egg and fresh lemon juice!

Image Courtesy of:  WikiHow

Image Courtesy of: WikiHow

Image Courtesy of:  Cure Joy

Image Courtesy of: Cure Joy

What you’ll need to do is separate your eggs into whites and yolk. Next, you’ll need to take the whites and beat them until they are frothy. Then, add lemon juice. Clean your face with warm water and pat dry. Apply mixture evenly over your face and allow to dry. Once it dries, peel or rinse it off. After that, your skin should feel tight, bright, and refreshed!

Olive Oil and Honey Mask

Before you boycott this one, let me just say that this will not clog your pores or make your skin oily! It actually does kind of the opposite. The molecules in olive oil are too big to fit in your pores. This combined with honey makes for an amazing hydrating mask for dry skin, and like the title says, you only need these two ingredients!

Image Courtesy of:  Beauty Epic

Image Courtesy of: Beauty Epic

To make this mask, you’ll need two tablespoons of honey and one of extra virgin olive oil. After that, you’ll mix it together until it’s thoroughly combined and then heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Next, smear the warm mixture over your face and wait for a few minutes. When it cools, rinse it off, and voila! You’ll be left with smooth, healthy, and hydrated skin. 

Image Courtesy of:  Hairpedia Club

Image Courtesy of: Hairpedia Club

You can also use this mixture as a means to treating your dry or damaged hair. Apply the mixture to damp hair, letting it sit for approximately 45 minutes, then wash with a mild shampoo. Make sure you have radiant on your wedding day. Happy Planning!

Works of Art; Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

A work of art is defined as a piece of creative work, especially a painting or sculpture. One of the latest trends in the wedding industry are hand painted wedding cakes, which are truly works of art that you can eat! The bride will always be the center of attention on her wedding day, with the wedding cake coming in as a close second. Aside from tasting great, your wedding cakes should look amazing. I've gathered some of my favorites for you to feast your eyes on.

Image Courtesy of:  Ideias de Bolos e Festas

Image Courtesy of: Ideias de Bolos e Festas

Image Courtesy of:  Cakes Decor

Image Courtesy of: Cakes Decor

The wedding cake is important because it’s a symbol of the bride and groom’s eternal love and one of the centers of attention on your wedding day. It’s the first things your guests will look for, upon entering your reception. For this reason, much time is devoted into coming up with the perfect design.

Image Courtesy of:  Buzz Feed  via  Roberta Facchini

Image Courtesy of: Buzz Feed via Roberta Facchini

Image Courtesy of:  Wedbits

Image Courtesy of: Wedbits

Image Courtesy of:  Cake Wrecks  via  Tran Linh

Image Courtesy of: Cake Wrecks via Tran Linh

Image Courtesy of:  Bloglovin  via  Hey There Cupcake

Image Courtesy of: Bloglovin via Hey There Cupcake

Hand painted wedding cakes are quickly becoming some of my favorites because the designs are not limited to the shape of the cake. Regardless of the shape, the cake is a blank canvas. From floral patterns to tea cup designs and scene silhouettes, the options are endless. The paintings can provide movement, texture, and a type of mood or feeling to the wedding cake.

Image Courtesy of:  The Cake Blog

Image Courtesy of: The Cake Blog

Image Courtesy of:  Cakes Decor

Image Courtesy of: Cakes Decor

Image Courtesy of:  BenaCakes

Image Courtesy of: BenaCakes

Image Courtesy of:  Cakes Decor

Image Courtesy of: Cakes Decor

What will your work of art look like? Happy planning!

Remembering Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Gone, but never forgotten. When a loved one passes on, it’s never easy having to say goodbye. It can be especially difficult when that loved one can no longer be there and share in one of the happiest days of your life; your wedding day. For some brides and grooms, it’s important to feel as though a part of their loved ones are there on their wedding day and show how special that person was to them. From display tables to images attached to bouquets and lapels, couples are choosing to remember their loved ones in various ways, sparking new forms of creativity and individuality on their wedding day. Here are some of my favorites.

Sentimental photos on  the bride's bouquet is always one of my favorites.

Just like the bride can have a photo on her bouquet, the groom can wear an image on his lapel, attached to his boutonniere or inside his cuff links.

Image Courtesy of  Munaluchi Bridal  

Image Courtesy of Munaluchi Bridal 

Image Courtesy of  Wedding Mix Blog

Image Courtesy of Wedding Mix Blog

Displayed images are always popular but couples are becoming more and more creative in how they display the photos.

Image Courtesy of  Inspired by This  via  Braedon Photography

Reserving a seat in his or her honor is also one of my favorites and often chosen by many couples.

Image Courtesy of  Hostess With The Mostess

Image Courtesy of Hostess With The Mostess

Candles are always a great way to remember someone. At many memorials, people light candles and it's a nice gesture at a wedding as well.

Image Courtesy of  Kayla's Five Things

Image Courtesy of Kayla's Five Things

Image Courtesy of  My Wedding Reception Ideas

Image Courtesy of My Wedding Reception Ideas

Whether a subtle picture attached to your bouquet or a full on display, how you choose to remember your loved ones on your wedding day is totally up to you. It's all about your personal style. Happy planning!

Copper and Cream Wedding Inspiration

Lately, I've been completely OBSESSED with copper and rose gold. As a child, rose gold was my favorite color of gold, which stemmed from the colors in a cameo brooch that my grandmother had given me. I even remember wanting all of my jewelry to be rose gold.

Image Courtesy of:  Style Me Pretty

Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Today, rose gold, or copper as some like to call it, is making a mark on the wedding industry and having a huge impact! Over the last year, we've seen it in the most classic and elegant weddings or weddings having a more rustic feel. For whatever type of wedding you're planning, I have for you today, a copper and cream inspiration board. Within it, you'll find elements that tickle your fancy, no matter your style. Enjoy and happy planning!

Centerpiece Image Courtesy of: Deer Pearl Flowers Teacup Image Courtesy of: Wedding Bee Furniture (Pillow) Image Courtesy of: Etsy Place Setting Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty via Steve Steinhardt Stationery Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Weddings Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Ruffled Blog Stiletto Image Courtesy of: The Perfect Palette via Amy & Jordan Photography Wedding Cake Image Courtesy of: Monecheri Bridals

Grooms Awaiting

What’s the most anticipated moment of the wedding ceremony? For most people, it’s the moment when the doors open and the bride begins to make her descent down the aisle. For some of us, including myself, when the doors open up, I look toward the groom instead of the bride.

Image Courtesy of  Fotos by Fola

Image Courtesy of Fotos by Fola

We all know she’s going to be a beautiful bride; this is the day she’s been dreaming of for so long. But, seeing the look of anticipation, joy, and love on the groom’s face as she makes her way toward him is priceless, especially when it’s captured on film! Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite moments of grooms awaiting their brides. I'm sure some of them will tug at your heart strings too. Enjoy!

Image Courtesy of  Fotos by Fola

Image Courtesy of Fotos by Fola

Image Courtesy of  Fotos by Fola  

Image Courtesy of Fotos by Fola 

Image Courtesy of  Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of  Fotos by Fola

Image Courtesy of Fotos by Fola

Image Courtesy of  Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of Sophia Barrett Studios

The Groom's Side of the Story

As we approach the last day of “love month”, for this Men Talk Monday post, I wanted to share love from the groom’s perspective. I had the opportunity to plan a romantic dinner for three newly engaged couples, through a contest that they entered on Munaluchi Bridal. As a member of the Munaluchi Coterie, the contest allowed the winners to have an experience with other Coterie members and enjoy their products or services in the industry as well.

The couples were selected based on their stories; how they met and how the grooms proposed to his bride. When I conduct my consultations, hearing the couple’s story is one of my favorite parts and often brings a smile to my face. Of course, the bride entered the contest, so we wanted to do something a little differently. We captured the love story from the grooms' side! Who doesn’t like a great love story? I invite you to take a look at the video, by Frank and Mia Wedding Films, and share in their joy. I dare you not to smile. :)

Hearing the grooms' side of the story and hearing how he knew his bride was the one, what made her special, and how he proposed to her was so endearing. As the couples dined on a wonderful meal, prepared by Sonesta Gwinnett, you’ll also see that they looked as though they’d been friends for years, although they’d just met moments before! Now that you've seen the video, enjoy some of the pictures, so beautifully captured by Images by N’neka.

Venue & Meal- Sonesta Gwinnett

Photographer- Images by N'neka

Videographer- Frank and Mia Wedding Films

Florals- Perfect Petals Design Group

Linens- Chair Covers & Linen

Menus- Ink & Elegance

Infinity Chairs- Sweet Seats

Makeup- Samantha Reese

Flute Player- McClenton Institue of Music

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Today's Tuesday's Topic is all about hiring a wedding planner. This is the time of year where many people got engaged over the holiday season and you just might be one of them. And...I bet you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to hire a wedding planner and if you do, if there’s an actual benefit to doing so. Well, there is! There are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner, but I’ve narrowed them to my top 5. Trust me, the right wedding planner is an asset to your wedding day; not a liability!

Image Courtesy of  Michelle Davina Photography

Image Courtesy of Michelle Davina Photography

Image Courtesy of  Michelle Davina Photography

Image Courtesy of Michelle Davina Photography

1.   Directly, in the form of discounts! Everybody want to save a buck or two. That's the nature of the beast. I, like many other planners, know tons of other wedding vendors and worked hard to build and cultivate my relationships with ALL of them. Often times, we're able to get things just because of our long-time friendships or because the overall design concept is so beautiful that they just want to throw “a little something extra” in. More often than not, this is the case. However, the right wedding planner works with you to select the vendors that are perfect for you and within your specified budget. Haggling over prices or seeking vendor kickbacks isn't always good either.

2.  Indirectly, in the form of long-time experience! I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I can save you money be asking questions that you may not know to ask. For example, a current bride of mine just lost her $2,500 deposit on a venue because she didn’t know that she had to pay $35 per car for each of her guests to park. This cost was not factored into her budget, nor was it a part of the food and beverage minimum that she had to meet. It helps to know venues, logistics, and the right questions to ask. It can save you lots of money in the long run.

Image Courtesy of  Leslie Marie Photography

Image Courtesy of Leslie Marie Photography

Image Courtesy of  Michelle Davina Photography

Image Courtesy of Michelle Davina Photography

3.  Incidentally, in the form of the all-inclusive venue! If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times “the venue comes with tables and chairs”. Just because the venue comes with table and chairs does NOT mean that they are the right chairs for your wedding. Another former bride of mine booked her venue before hiring me and her venue had 50 chocolate brown chairs and 50 tan chairs. Her wedding colors were black and green, which meant she had to rent 100 black and green chairs! In the end, she didn’t save money.  

4.  Logistically, in the form of time! Well, time is money, right? More often than not, a bride wants to DIY  a good part of her wedding because she feels that she can handle it all, plus her full-time job, her family, friends, and her fiancé! Well, once the wedding draws near, she realizes that she can’t handle it all and things start to fall through the cracks! This is when your wedding planner has to step in and find an amazing vendor that's going to pull off an even bigger miracle to complete the project that you've run out of time to do, yet still needs to get done before your wedding.

Image Courtesy of  Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of  Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of Sophia Barrett Studios

5.  Medically, in the form of pre-marital and family counseling! Planning a wedding should be stress free, but sometimes there are petty fights over colors, guest lists, and of course money. I’m certainly happy that I’m able to be a friend, counselor, and confidant to my brides and grooms. I definitely have been able to save them a lot in insurance co-payments. If I had to charge for all the times that I’ve had to be a psychiatrist, a counselor, and a mediator, there may not be much left in the budget for me as the wedding planner!

Image Courtesy of  Leslie Marie Photography

Image Courtesy of Leslie Marie Photography

The moral of the story: Hire a wedding planner first! If you have a stressful job, are having a wedding out of town, or simply just want it to run smoothly, hire a professional. Happy planning!

Should You Rent a Tuxedo or Purchase a Custom One?

It's a new year and a new blog series; Men Talk Mondays. In the first Monday of 2016, I wanted to talk about tuxedos. As a wedding planner, I'm often asked should you, the groom (and some groomsmen) rent or purchase their tuxedos. Most times, the groom is thinking about the moment that he's the groom and may get a free rental, from a major chain, if he has a certain number of groomsmen to rent a tuxedo. Well, what about all the other times?

Image Courtesy of  Romance Weddings

Image Courtesy of Romance Weddings

Well, for the most part, buying a tuxedo depends on you and your lifestyle. It depends on how often you wear suits or formal attire. If it's just every once in a while or on occasion, the rental option may be the way to go. However, if you're a social butterfly, happening to be on everyone's invite list and attend a lot of events or have a career that requires you to dress to the nines a little more often, then custom option is for you.  It'll cost a bit more upfront, but save you a lot more in the long run. With the average cost of a tuxedo rental being $150 and a custom tuxedo averaging approximately $1,500, it's an investment that you're sure to get your money's worth out of. Renting a tuxedo adds up over time when you have to rent one over and over again.

Image Courtesy of  Just The Design

Image Courtesy of Just The Design

Image Courtesy of  The Knot

Image Courtesy of The Knot

Another thing! We all know the saying "When you look good, you feel good" and personally, I feel that a custom, well tailored tuxedo gives a man a different kind of "feel-good" attitude; a kind of swagger, if you will. A custom tuxedo will be tailored to fit your body and fit much better than a rented one would. Whereas a rented tuxedo is just meant to really fit your measurements with a little bit of wiggle room for minor adjustments. With a custom tailored tuxedo, it fits to a T! With commonly known brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani, you really can't go wrong. 

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

So, the question of should you rent a tuxedo or purchase a custom one? In my personal opinion, if you have a very active social calendar, when you consider what you have going of from January through December, the investment in a custom tuxedo is absolutely worth it. Treat yourself to that feel-good moment you deserve!

Burnt Orange and Brown Wedding Inspiration

Fall is my favorite time of year, for its bold beautiful colors. It's the time of year where we see plenty of reds, burgundies, browns, and oranges. But, the time right around Halloween and Thanksgiving really brings about the earth tones of burnt orange and brown and all of the smells of the holidays. These colors have also been quite poplar in many fall wedding color palettes. So, as we approach this holiday season, enjoy this vivid burnt orange and brown wedding inspiration board. Burnt Orange Brown Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Wedding Bee Dressing Room Image Courtesy of: Hill Country InteriorsNail Polish Image Courtesy of: The Nail Network Tablescape Image Courtesy of: Arising ImagesCeremony Aisle Image Courtesy of: Napkin Image Courtesy of: Project Wedding Jewel Image Courtesy of: Stoned With Carl Dress Image Courtesy of: Frou Frou Fashionista

Shades of Gray Wedding Inspiration

I recently heard someone say that gray is the new black. In fact, I found a Facebook and Pinterest page devoted to the topic. I like the color gray because it’s the current day neutral color and can be paired with just about any other color to create a beautiful wedding. In the warmer months, it can be paired with warmer, softer colors. In the fall and winter months, in can be paired with the deeper colors. Just this past weekend, I paired gray with burnt orange to add a little splash of color. Today’s inspiration board is very clean and classic, with shades of gray and white. Enjoy and happy planning! Gray Collage2

Wedding Gown Image Courtesy of: Wedding Sparrow Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Ring Bearer Image Courtesy of: Munaluchi Bridal Shoe Image Courtesy of: Rustic Wedding Chic Cake Image Courtesy of: The Cake Blog Stationery Image Courtesy of: Etsy Suit Image Courtesy of: Wedding Chicks Table Image Courtesy of: Simply Wed

Insight Into Enraptured Events

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my own blog (I’ve been writing for others for a while now)! It’s time I’ve gotten back into the habit of doing so and I’m starting with a ten part series, starting with a little insight into Enraptured Events. Who I am and how I got started in the wedding industry. Cimona and Darryl for Art-172Image Courtesy of: Sophia Barrett Studios

I love planning events! I started planning weddings business because I absolutely love love and weddings are, to me, the most romantic parties that I can plan. Since wedding typically happen on the weekend, it’s like falling in love every single weekend.

It all started when a friend of mine asked me to help her with her wedding.  At the time, I didn’t think much more than helping my friend in need. But as I got further along in the process, I drew more on my creativity and imagination; seeking inspiration from her likes, dislikes, and her relationship with her fiancé.  I was able to organize people, times, and put together a program. It was then that I knew that I had a gift!

View More: Courtesy of: Brie McDaniel Photography

Enraptured Events is all about the couple getting married or the person that’s celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other significant event; incorporating those specific details that are uniquely their own.  People ask me all the time, “What style of weddings do you do”? I may be wrong for my answer, but I can honestly say that I don’t have a style, per sé, but elegance would be the one word that would describe my style. However, I do like to focus on the details of the client at hand. I don’t like to put my focus on contemporary, rustic, or the like, as it may not allow opportunities to stretch my creative juices and reach beyond my comfort zone.

IMG_7869Image Courtesy of: Carla Stafford Photography

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been able to read a romance novel and very vividly see the stories leap from the pages, in clear and crisp detail. As my clients tell me the stories of their special day, the stories that they've dreamed of all of their lives, I can easily see it, as if it were written on the pages of a romance novel. Because no two people are alike and no two romance novels are exactly alike, I feel that no two weddings should be alike, which is why elegance can be the word that transcends all of my clients, regardless of their style of event.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about Enraptured Events. We look forward helping make your special day beautiful. Happy Planning!

Oscar 2015 Fashion Recap

The award shows are a favorite of mine, more for the fashionable red carpet than the actual awards, if I'm being honest. This year's Oscars Red Carpet was no exception. I tuned in for the fashionable and live tweeted with my friends on what we liked, didn't like, what worked for some, and things that really didn't work at all. In my Oscar 2015 fashion recap, I'm looking back on some of my favorite fashions of the evening. RedCarpet5Sometimes you just need one awesome detail to make a gown. Gwyneth Paltrow looked good in the Ralph and Russo blush colored gown. It's very simple, but oh so elegant!RedCarpet11Blue is my favorite color and this blue and gold ensemble looked so great on Rita Ora.RedCarpet12Common was extra dapper in Prada. What's not to love about this ensemble? RedCarpet9I haven't seen Eddie Murphy in a very long time, but he was quite smashing in his black and white tuxedo, while his date Paige Butcher looked amazing in purple!RedCarpet8Oprah is known for wearing bold colors but she was stunning in a gold evening gown by Vera Wang! The color worked had a regal look to it and the gown was so perfect for her bodacious curves!RedCarpet7I've never seen Chrissy Teigen in anything that wasn't stunning! This Zuhair Murad showed a little skin while still being so very elegant.RedCarpet6J Lo always gives us a sultry, yet sexy look on the red carpet. This Elie Saab ball gown was not the body hugging dress that we're used to seeing her in, but she still managed to give us a little bit of sultry.RedCarpet4Kerry Washington was channeling Olivia Pope in this Miu Miu gown. Whites and ivories really work for her! RedCarpet3Lupita Nyong'o in a custom Calvin Klein pearl gown?! Yes. Yes. Yes! The 6000 pearls that made up this gown was beyond exquisite.RedCarpet1This beaded and sparkly Versace gown, worn by Jennifer Anniston was one that I really wanted to see up close and personal. I love the color, the fit, and of corse the sparkles of this gown!

All images Courtesy of the NY Times

Polka Dot Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes it’s not a specific color or set of colors that drives a wedding design in one direction or another. Sometimes it’s a pattern, such as stripes, polka dots, or a chevron pattern.  I wanted to do something a little bit different and provide a little polka dot wedding inspiration. Polka dots will always remind me of my childhood, as it was a dominant pattern on a variety of clothing and items that decorated my grandmother’s house. The colors were random, but the pattern was all the same. Today, for your daily dose of inspiration, I’ve narrowed down the colors to white with black polka dots, in the event that you prefer a pattern, more than a set of colors to drive your wedding design. Enjoy! Polka Dot Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Suzanne Esper Cakes Shoe Image Courtesy of: One Wed Paper Balloon Image Courtesy of: Find It For Weddings Plate Image Courtesy of: Fraulein Klein Invite Image Courtesy of: Etsy Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Southern Living Nail Image Courtesy of: Tumblr Straw Image Courtesy of: Etsy

Navy Inspiration Boards That'll Suit Your Fancy

As you may already know, blue is my favorite color and the shade doesn’t matter.  The various shades remind me of the ocean, the midnight sky, or the deep blue sea. There’s something about it that’s just tranquil and relaxing. With that being said, I just couldn’t decide on what “blue” inspiration board I wanted to put together. I started with navy and went fro there.  So, today I have a navy and white inspiration board, a navy and white striped inspiration board and the others have navy stripes with pops of yellow, green, and pink. If you’re a lover of navy blue, you’re to find one of these that suit your fancy. Enjoy! Navy White CollageTank Image Courtesy of: Etsy Invite Image Courtesy of: Paper Source Knife Set Image Courtesy of: Etsy Cake Image Courtesy of: Cake Central Bridesmaid Image Courtesy of: The Every Last Detail Matches Image Courtesy of: Etsy Shoe Image Courtesy of: The Wedding Chicks Table Image Courtesy of: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Navy Stripe Collage2

Umbrella Image Courtesy of: Cake Image Courtesy of: Wedd Book Invite Image Courtesy of: Etsy Place Setting Courtesy of: Home Styling Tie Image Courtesy of: Wedd Book Cookie Image Courtesy of: Etsy Candy Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Table Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Navy Stripe Yellow Collage

Invite Image Courtesy of: Wedding Bee Cake Image Courtesy of: Miso Bakes Bridesmaids Image Courtesy of: Etsy Table Image Courtesy of: Cerental Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Wedding Chicks Square Centerpiece Image Courtesy of: Wedding Window Mint Image Courtesy of: Etsy Round Centerpiece Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Navy Stripe Green Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: Cakes Decor Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Shell And Chinoiserie Drink Courtesy of: The Frosted Petticoat Invite Courtesy of: Shine Wedding Invitations Centerpiece Image Courtesy of: I Take You Bridesmaid Image Courtesy of: A Simple LDS Wedding Ribbon Image Courtesy of: Straw Image Courtesy of: Etsy

Navy Stripe Pink CollageInvite Image Courtesy of: Hey Gorgeous Straw Image Courtesy of: House of Hydrangeas Pillow Courtesy of: Ruffled Blog Tables Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Bouquet Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Cake Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Shoe Image Courtesy of: Southern Wedding Drape Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Gold And Cream Wedding Inspiration

Although many brides have chosen bold bright colors for their wedding, everyone still loves the classic neutral color palettes.  Gold and cream has always been my favorite one because it's so classic. It has such a beauty to it that nothing more has to be done, except for adding the bride and groom of course.  Today, I've added a little bit of sparkle to the gold, because "bling" is the in thing these days and I think it works well. Enjoy!Glitter Gold Cream Collage

Dress Image Courtesy of: Inspired By This Cake Pops Image Courtesy of: Coco Mori Place Setting Courtesy of: Cake Image Courtesy of: Something Turquoise Shoe Image Courtesy of: The Rose Garden Menu Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Perfume Image Courtesy of: Elizabeth Anne Designs Earrings Image Courtesy of: Etsy

Sparkling Navy Inspiration Board

Blue has always been my favorite color. It doesn't even matter the shade. From light blue to indigo, it makes me smile. You also know that I'm such a girlie girl so if you combine that blue with a little bit of sparkle and I'm so in love! Today, I've paired navy with gold for this beautiful sparkling navy inspiration board. With the dark colors, this inspiration board can serve as the perfect inspiration for a fall or winter wedding and the sparkle is perfect for a wedding around the holidays. Enjoy! Navy Gold Collage

Cake Image Courtesy of: New Jersey Bride Shoe Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty Tea Setting Image Courtesy of: Etsy Stationery Image Courtesy of: Nika Paperworks Reception Image Courtesy of: Celebrity Style Weddings Place Setting Courtesy of: Belle The Magazine Flowergirl Image Courtesy of: Etsy Bridesmaid Image Courtesy of: Min Mit

Orange and Gray Wedding Inspiration

Like black, gray is one of those colors that can pretty much go with anything and it's especially pretty for a wedding. The good thing about the color gray is that it can be paired with an equally muted color, like black, or be paired with a bright and bold color like yellow, fuchsia, and even orange. The orange and gray wedding inspiration board that I have for you today would work well for any of the four seasons. The palette is great for the winter because the color gray has a cool, icy tone to it. It'll work well in the spring because the shades of orange is just enough brightness without being too much. For the summer, the orange is a great pop of color and gray is light and airy. Lastly, orange and gray wedding color palette will be great in the fall season because the gray is a very nice offset to the typical orange color that's used in the fall. Regardless of the season, this orange and gray wedding inspiration board should inspire you to let your creative juices flow. Enjoy!

Orange & Gray 12

Suitcase Image: Candy Image: Stiletto Image: Bridesmaid Image: Ring Box Image: Groom Image: Invitation Necklace Image: Perfume Image: Drink Image: Lounge Image: