Compromising On Your Wedding Day; Trading Quality For Cost

Your wedding day is most certainly a day where do overs will not be granted.  As a wedding planner, I like to be in control of the final product, the love story of the bride and groom.  It is for this reason that I only recommend and refer vendors that I’ve worked with and trust to do an excellent job.  These vendors have been proven to help me to bring my couple’s wedding day to life.  While I understand that cost will often be a deciding factor when selecting vendors, the age-old adage; you get what you pay for, will always ring true.  An important part of my job is to manage your budget and suggest the best possible vendors that your money can buy.  My intent is never to get my couples to spend more money but to ensure that their vision for their wedding day is realized.  When a couple decides to go in a different direction and chose a vendor that I cannot personally vouch for, the end result can be less than desirable.

Image Courtesy of Neville Simpson Photography

Image Courtesy of Neville Simpson Photography

Most recently, I had a couple decide to choose a different DJ than the one that I had recommended. The experience was less than ideal and the epitome of you get what you pay for was evident throughout the night.  The DJ behaved unprofessionally by hitting on some of the guests, selecting poor quality music with continuous static coming from the speakers, there was no lapel mic provided for the officiant, and to make matters worse, there was an interruption in the music on two separate occasions during the reception. When the music stops during a reception, this typically signifies that the party is over.  No one ever wants the music to stop in the middle of a party. To say that my bride and groom were disappointed is an understatement.

Image Courtesy of  Inije Photography

Image Courtesy of Inije Photography

More often than not, a bride chooses specific songs that are to be played at key moments throughout the ceremony and reception.  As a wedding planner, my job is to provide the DJ with the wedding day timeline and songs chosen by the bride and groom. It is up to the DJ to make sure he has all of the songs loaded and ready to go. When they are not, there are awkward moments of silence and you and your guests are left wondering what’s going on, as in this case. When something is as important to you as music was to this bride and groom, you want to entrust it to someone that knows what they’re doing; a true professional.  Yes, cost will always be a factor in making the decision on which vendors you should hire for your wedding but shouldn’t be ‘ the’ deciding factor.

Image Courtesy of  Sophia Barrett Studios

Image Courtesy of Sophia Barrett Studios

It was my bride’s idea that I share her story with other brides-to-be that are planning their wedding so that they can avoid pitfalls such as this. When you invest so much money, time, and effort into the planning of your wedding day, you want it to be special and memorable for the right reasons. By listening and trusting your wedding planner, many issues can be prevented and even avoided so that you are not trading quality for cost and compromising on your wedding day.  When you are interviewing wedding planners, be certain to include questions about how they will handle your budget to include quality vendors that will help to make your day perfect!