Planning For Your Honeymoon

Granted, a lot of time is spent planning a wedding, as it should. But, how much time is spent planning your honeymoon? Believe it or not, the wedding is for your guests and the honeymoon is for you and your beloved. Although your wedding may have lots of details that speak to your style and individual personality, you should always plan your wedding with your guests in mind. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summer, you may want to have fan programs or personalized bottles of water to keep your guests cool in the warmer temperatures.

Your honeymoon is more than just packing a swimsuit because you're headed to a private island. So, the same amount of detail should be considered when planning your honeymoon. What will you do when you get there? You’ll want to pack, not only for the location, but any activities as well. When planning your honeymoon, some things that you should consider are:

  • Excursions. Are there any fun activities that you and your new spouse would like to join, such as a romantic gondola ride or swimming with the dolphins? If so, call ahead to reserve your spot as to avoid it being full and not being able to attend a much anticipated outing.
  • Couples activities, such as couple massages or private dinners for two. Many hotels are eager to welcome a pair of newlyweds and calling ahead and asking them to set up a private dinner for two, may not be out of the question. Furthermore, many resorts have massage facilities where couple massages are available. Call ahead so that your time slot is already booked upon your arrival.
  • Local Happenings. What’s on the local city calendar that you may want to attend? Many cities, especially a tourist town, will have a calendar of events for you to review. There may be concerts going on or even sporting events. Check ahead and pack appropriately.
  • The forecast. What will the weather be like when you arrive? You may be going to a tropical island, but is it going to rain while you’re there? You’ll need to pack some type of rain protection. Is the temperature going to me extremely sunny and hot? You certainly don’t want to forget the sunscreen and maybe a hat!
  • Home: Last, but not least, you can’t forget about home. This is the age of social media where we’re eager to let people in on all the exciting things that we have going on. Only let your immediate family know where you’re going and when you’ll be traveling for your honeymoon. Of course, take pictures while you’re there but post them after you return. This will prevent any potential social media stalkers from knowing when you’re away and how long you'll be away from home. You certainly don't want to come home to a disrupted home.

Planning your honeymoon doesn’t take as much thought and coordination as planning a wedding, but it does take just a little bit of effort and planning. Of course you can just “wing-it” and fly by the seat of your pants when you get there. But if you want to add a little bit of structure and assure some specific activities on your honeymoon, following these tips will certainly help you out. Happy planning!

Images courtesy of Samantha Clarke Photography