out of town guests

A Warm And Inviting Option For Your Out Of Town Guests

As a wedding planner, for the many weddings that I plan, I am often setting up room blocks for the out of town wedding guests. There are some guests that opt to stay at the homes of nearby relatives for the various amenities that a home provides. Personally, I like a space where I can relax as well as entertain, even if it’s as simple as fixing a nice dinner and having guests over. When I travel, I’d still like to be able to do the same; at least have the option to do so. Some hotel suites offer extra amenities and of course have more room, but still aren’t quite the same.


Since last year, I’ve loved the idea of Air BnB. It provides some of the luxuries of being at home, such as full kitchens and multiple rooms, while still allowing you to book a place that’s safe and secure through a trusted website. Recently, I had the opportunity to design a warm and inviting space as a rental that’s a very viable option for your out of town guests.

 Keeping my current and future clients in mind, I designed a space that would be just as comforting as a nice hotel or one's home would be, making sure that all the details were chic and upscale. With fine China, cherry wood and leather furniture, large-screen TVs, ceramic cookware, cozy bath towels, and even a smoothie maker, it was important to me to appeal to everyone when selecting items to furnish and decorate it. For your added comfort, there's a washer and dryer. Lastly, if you're anything like me and prefer at-home entertainment, there's a theater room to watch your favorite movie or tv show. Or, if you'd rather strike up a game of pool, with Sports Center playing in the background, you can do that too!

If any of your wedding guests are coming in from out of town but don't really want to stay at a hotel, you may want to suggest a place like this warm and inviting upscale place on Air BnB. If you're in the Atlanta area, let me know and I'll be happy to help you learn more on renting this one. Happy planning!

Images via Michelle Davina Photography (where depicted) and personal cell phone.