The Importance Of Wedding Insurance

In the light of the venue, ReBar, in New York closing, I wanted to again stress the importance of wedding insurance.  It's been all over the news that Mr. Stevens put a padlock on the door of the all-inclusive wedding venue, stating that it was closed and bankrupt, which left many brides and staff in total shock.  According to Good Morning America, Mr. Stevens has taken deposits from over 160 couples, totaling approximately 800 thousand dollars.  The hardest part to digest is that he hasn't filed bankruptcy! He turned himself in for criminal tax fraud and grand larceny.  The general attorney is investigating the wedding charges, however it's not known if the couples will ever get there money back. Many brides and grooms get engaged, set a wedding date and go about planning their wedding in total bliss. That’s how it should be. But, in life bad things happen. We have health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and many others insurances to protect us in a time of need. Many of us never stop to think about protecting the investment of our wedding day that’s typically a year down the road. Wedding insurance is not a topic that is often discussed.

There are two types of wedding insurance, Wedding Event Insurance and Wedding Liability Insurance. According, Event insurance protects all you have invested in your wedding, now throughout the planning period. Liability insurance protects you on your wedding day if you’re held liable for any alcohol related accidents or damage to the property. The coverage is primarily for you and the venue. As with any insurance policy, there is a deductible for each.

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Below is a bit more detail as to what’s covered under each policy:

Wedding Event Insurance:

  • Covers against extreme situations that may cause postponement of your wedding such as severe weather, accident, or sudden illness.
  • Financial loss if the event goes on and you have a glitch along the way such as a no show vendor, damaged wedding gown, or lost photographs.
  • If you’re concerned about recouping your deposits if a vendor goes bankrupt or doesn’t deliver as promised.
  • If the bride or groom is in the military and approved leave could be cancelled.

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Wedding Liability Insurance:

  • Protects you on your wedding day if you’re held responsible for alcohol related accidents, property damage, or bodily injury during your wedding.
  • Protects you if you’re concerned about lawsuits for property damage or bodily injury.
  • Protects you if you’re concerned about legal liability for alcohol related accidents.

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As you can see, wedding insurance is something that you should really consider, especially since the investment is minimal compared to the actual cost of the damage if something goes wrong. From, a policy can be purchased up to 24 hours before your wedding and can be purchased online. For $150 you can receive a policy for $500,000 liability insurance coverage or $175 for a $1million policy. The policy can be downloaded and printed with the original being mailed to you or sent to your venue.