The Vendor Says: Fotos By Fola Photography

I started this new series, The Vendor Says, wanting some of my favorite vendors in the industry to expound upon their working relationships with wedding planners and the importance of having an experienced planner for your most special day. In the first post of this series, with Exquisite Sounds Entertainment, that you can read here, speaks of how he got into the wedding industry and the importance of brides and grooms having an experienced planner at the wedding. 

Weddings require a great deal of planning as there are many logistical elements, long before any vendors arrive on the wedding day. When there's a great planner to lead the charge and get all of your vendors to work seamlessly and harmoniously on your wedding day, you know you're in good hands. As mentioned in the previous post, having strong vendor relationships is key when it comes to orchestrating and executing your wedding day.

Next up in the series, we have one of the most laid back and genuine photographers I know, Afolabi Sogunro, more affectionately known as Fola, of Fotos by Fola, who's brilliant behind with the camera.  Here’s what he had to say:

1. How did you get involved in Photography?

I've always enjoyed photography. I carried a small camera everywhere I went. One day my wife brought home a photography school flyer and I signed up ‎to take classes. As they say, the rest is history. 

2. Why did you choose to become a part of the wedding industry?

I love telling stories. Capturing emotions is something I truly enjoy and weddings allow me to be a part of this all the time.

3. How did you get into the wedding industry?

I simply photographed for a friend that was getting married.

4. What do you love about being a part of the wedding industry?

I love the energy. There is something special about being a part of someone's wedding.

5. What's your ideal bride or couple?

First and foremost a couple truly in love. Secondly, a couple that completely trusts me and understands my vision and style of photography. Lastly, a couple that understands the importance of having a good planner and Photographer. 

6. Do prefer working with wedding planners and do they make your job easier? 

I prefer working with a planner and they make my job easier. From a planning perspective they are instrumental in making sure everything runs effectively and plan for the unexpected.

7. Do you encourage your brides to choose wedding planners? Why or why not?

I encourage all brides to hire a planner. Having a planner allows you to actually enjoy your wedding day. By not having one they run it issues of stress and having a badly planned event which could end up costing thousands of dollars.

8. What's the best piece of advice you can provide to a bride?

Get a planner. Trust the planner to handle all the stress of wedding planning. Enjoy your day. Soak it all in as the day goes by so fast.

9. What has been the worst thing you've seen from a wedding when the bride and groom has gone against your suggestion of hiring a planner?

The wedding started 4 hours late. Family members were missing and the whole day was chaotic.

5 Ways To Incorporate Something Blue Into Your Wedding

With everything that goes into planning your special day, it’s sometimes difficult to remember to creatively and originally bring that traditional pop of blue into your wedding. Fortunately, we have a few ideas that might make choosing your something blue a little bit easier!

1. Shoes!

Adding that bit of blue on, in, or under your shoes makes for a perfect addition to your wedding day ensemble. Your shoes are typically covered with your dress, so this is a wonderful chance to let your personal shoe personality shine through! Choose a lighter shade or add blue rhinestones, blue lace, or even solid or patterned blue to the bottom of your shoe! If you love sneakers, you can opt to wear those too!

Image from  ModWedding  Courtesy of  Spotso Photography

Image from ModWedding Courtesy of Spotso Photography

Image Courtesy of  Janet Howard Studio

Image Courtesy of Janet Howard Studio

Image Courtesy of  B Street Shoes

Image Courtesy of B Street Shoes

2. Blue Mascara or Eyeliner

Blue mascara is always a subtle addition to any makeup look, but adding a few swipes of blue to your lashes for your wedding day makes for a nice and noticeable pop of blue. This makeup look doesn’t hide your “Something Blue” like putting blue on the bottom of your shoe might. Blue mascara or eyeliner adds a small and beautiful detail to the face without taking too much attention from the rest of the makeup.

Image Courtesy of  Instagram

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Image Courtesy of  Maryam Maquillage

Image Courtesy of Maryam Maquillage

Image Courtesy of The Best Wedding Idea

Image Courtesy of The Best Wedding Idea

3. Blue Garter

There are many ways to personalize your garter! Some might add their wedding date, their fiance’s name, or their grandmothers pearls to their garter to make it more custom and personalized. Another way to add personality to your garter is to choose a blue one. You can have a garter with blue ribbon, one made of blue lace, or perhaps even your favorite movie or tv show. A blue garter is hidden from sight for most of the wedding, and when it’s time to remove the garter and toss it to the groomsmen, everyone will be in for a blue surprise and maybe even a cute message!

Image Courtesy of  Weddbook

Image Courtesy of Weddbook

Image Courtesy of  Etsy

Image Courtesy of Etsy

Image Courtesy of  Wedding Chicks

Image Courtesy of Wedding Chicks

Image Courtesy of  Etsy

Image Courtesy of Etsy

Image Courtesy of  Etsy

Image Courtesy of Etsy

Image Courtesy of  Weddbook

Image Courtesy of Weddbook

Image Courtesy of  Moncheri Bridals

Image Courtesy of Moncheri Bridals

4. Blue Nail Polish

Getting your nails done before your big day is always a fun treat and time for relaxation, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to bring incorporate your “Something Blue”! Using a pale blue nail polish on the fingernail is a great way to keep it subtle but if you’re looking for something extraordinary, a darker shade of blue will work beautifully. You can choose to add sparkles, sequins, or other fun nail art techniques if you want something even bolder! You can even paint the underside of your nail with a little blue for an original twist on the idea. (And don’t forgetthe toes!)

Image Courtesy of  Modwedding

Image Courtesy of Modwedding

Image Courtesy of  Instagram

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Image Courtesy of  Kitty B Photography

Image Courtesy of Kitty B Photography

Image Courtesy of  Good Housekeeping

Image Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Image Courtesy of  Made 2 Style

Image Courtesy of Made 2 Style

5. Blue Embroidery

Adding a little something to the inside of your dress in a blue thread is a very trendy and elegant way to incorporate that traditional something blue into your wedding. This option is subtle because only a few people will know it’s there, and it is extremely customizable; you can choose to have whatever you want embroidered into your dress. A few options are: your wedding date, the date you first met, your couple name, a favorite quote, a heart, the words: “I do”, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Image Courtesy of  Style Me Pretty

Image Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Image Courtesy of  Southern Living

Image Courtesy of Southern Living

Incorporating something blue into your wedding can be fun, while still honoring an age old tradition. Happy planning!

Seaglass Wedding Inspiration

Beach weddings have been popular since the beach has been in existence.  Today, the latest trend added to beach and beach themed weddings is seaglass! Blue is my personal favorite color because of its connection to the ocean and the tranquility that it represents for me. Seaglass is a gorgeous touch to add to a wedding and can be incorporated in so many different ways; varying shades of blue in the bridesmaids dresses, a bold statement piece of jewelry on your wedding day, your signature drink, the wedding cake and so much more.  I've put together a seaglass inspiration board to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you if you're planning a beach wedding or incorporating seaglass.  Enjoy!

Seaglass Collage

Bridesmaids Image: Oceanside Bride: Dress Image: Tablescape Image: Style Me Pretty Cake Image: Stationery Image: Necklace Image: Martini Image: Escort Cards Image:


Pale Blue & Orange Wedding Inspiration

I know we're heading into fall but I want to hold onto the summer just a little bit longer; the bright colors, the softness, and just the warmth.  Orange is such a happy color and one of my favorite colors for weddings as well.  Today, I've paired it with pale blue, for a soft yet romantic wedding inspiration.  Enjoy! Blue & Orange Palette

Bridesmaids Image: Tuxedo Image: Cookies Image: Bouquet Image: Cake Image: Stationery Image: Table Setting Image: Drinks Image:

Floral Table Runners

We're always seeing new trends emerging in the wedding industry and the latest happens to be table runners made from amazing florals.  Floral table runners add such an amazing element to the decor and give the eyes something to feast upon, in conjunction with the centerpieces that are on the table.  Today, for this Trendy Thursday, I've compiled some of my favorite floral table runners for your inspiration. TableRunner

Image via




Image via


Image via


Image via


Image via


Image via

Gorgeous Wedding Chair Decor

I remember when I first started planning weddings, almost ten years ago, wedding chairs were basic brown, black, and white.  The hottest thing at the time was the Chiavari chair in gold and silver; then here comes the Chiavari ghost chair. We all know that the trends in the wedding industry continues to change.  Today, we see the same Chiavari wedding chairs and a few others during wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Brides are choosing to not only decorate the ballroom, but also decorate the wedding chairs as well.  If your budget can handle it, I think it's a very creative way to add some additional decor and personality to your wedding reception. Today, I've gathered my top ten wedding chair decorations that you may be able to gain inspiration from for your own wedding or next event.











Grooms Can Wear Hats Too!

When it comes to the wedding, we're used to seeing the bride wear a veil; long ones, short ones, cathedral length ones, birdcage ones, or sometimes none at all.  What we aren't used to seeing, however, is the groom adorning headwear of his own.  Because I'm a planner that feels that every wedding should reflect the styles and personalities of the couples, I love when couples choose to do something that's completely outside of the norm, unexpected, and totally them, and throw tradition out the window.  Today, for this Men's Monday post, I wanted to show groom's looking fashionable in their hats, while representing their own style on their wedding day.  I hope you enjoy!