Burnt Orange and Brown Wedding Inspiration

Fall is my favorite time of year, for its bold beautiful colors. It's the time of year where we see plenty of reds, burgundies, browns, and oranges. But, the time right around Halloween and Thanksgiving really brings about the earth tones of burnt orange and brown and all of the smells of the holidays. These colors have also been quite poplar in many fall wedding color palettes. So, as we approach this holiday season, enjoy this vivid burnt orange and brown wedding inspiration board. Burnt Orange Brown Collage

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Shades of Gray Wedding Inspiration

I recently heard someone say that gray is the new black. In fact, I found a Facebook and Pinterest page devoted to the topic. I like the color gray because it’s the current day neutral color and can be paired with just about any other color to create a beautiful wedding. In the warmer months, it can be paired with warmer, softer colors. In the fall and winter months, in can be paired with the deeper colors. Just this past weekend, I paired gray with burnt orange to add a little splash of color. Today’s inspiration board is very clean and classic, with shades of gray and white. Enjoy and happy planning! Gray Collage2

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Gold And Cream Wedding Inspiration

Although many brides have chosen bold bright colors for their wedding, everyone still loves the classic neutral color palettes.  Gold and cream has always been my favorite one because it's so classic. It has such a beauty to it that nothing more has to be done, except for adding the bride and groom of course.  Today, I've added a little bit of sparkle to the gold, because "bling" is the in thing these days and I think it works well. Enjoy!Glitter Gold Cream Collage

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Sparkling Navy Inspiration Board

Blue has always been my favorite color. It doesn't even matter the shade. From light blue to indigo, it makes me smile. You also know that I'm such a girlie girl so if you combine that blue with a little bit of sparkle and I'm so in love! Today, I've paired navy with gold for this beautiful sparkling navy inspiration board. With the dark colors, this inspiration board can serve as the perfect inspiration for a fall or winter wedding and the sparkle is perfect for a wedding around the holidays. Enjoy! Navy Gold Collage

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Orange and Gray Wedding Inspiration

Like black, gray is one of those colors that can pretty much go with anything and it's especially pretty for a wedding. The good thing about the color gray is that it can be paired with an equally muted color, like black, or be paired with a bright and bold color like yellow, fuchsia, and even orange. The orange and gray wedding inspiration board that I have for you today would work well for any of the four seasons. The palette is great for the winter because the color gray has a cool, icy tone to it. It'll work well in the spring because the shades of orange is just enough brightness without being too much. For the summer, the orange is a great pop of color and gray is light and airy. Lastly, orange and gray wedding color palette will be great in the fall season because the gray is a very nice offset to the typical orange color that's used in the fall. Regardless of the season, this orange and gray wedding inspiration board should inspire you to let your creative juices flow. Enjoy!

Orange & Gray 12

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Peach and Black Wedding Inspiration

There are some color combinations that you really don't expect to see together, especially for a wedding.  Peach and black are two of those colors. Peach is a nice refreshing color and black has been known to symbolize elegance.  I'm feeling a little peachy today and wanted give you some inspiration, using these two colors, just in case you've not decided on what to do for you wedding or you're wanting to accent the colors you've already chosen. Enjoy! Peach Black Collage

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Beautiful Bouquets

Next to the bride's wedding gown, her wedding bouquet is one of my favorite things. I happen to love flowers, just like most women, and I love how florists, such as The Brides Cafe, are able to put them together so beautifully. Whether they use roses, peonies, calla lilies, or anemonies, the beautiful bouquets that brides carry when they walk down the aisle can be quite stunning. Today, I wanted to share with you with some of my favorite bridal bouquets, in hopes that you'll see something that you'll be inspired by for your wedding day. Enjoy!

Bouquet2 Image Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Bouquet3 Image Courtesy of The Every Last Detail

Bouquet4 Image Courtesy of Love My Dress

Bouquet5 Image Courtesy of Belle The Magazine

Bouquet6 Image Courtesy of Belle The Magazine

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Bouquet8 Image Courtesy of Love Web Bliss

Bouquet9 Image Courtesy of

Bouquet10 Image Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Bouquet11 Image Courtesy of Mary Dann

Bouquet12 Image Courtesy Style Me Pretty

Bouquet13 Image Courtesy of Belle The Magazine

Bouquet14 Image Courtesy of Love Flora Fauna

Bouquet15 Image Courtesy of Rachel a Clingen

Bouquet16 Image Courtesy of Style Me Pretty via Sharon Nicole Photography

Bouquet17 Image Courtesy of Panted Tulip via Grace Ormonde

Bouquet18Image Courtesy of Style Me Pretty


Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have been a huge part of the wedding; just as much as the bride's wedding dress have been, for as long as I can remember.  With that being said, having flowers on the wedding cake has always been a major staple for a wedding cake; fresh or sugar flowers, the options are endless. When those flowers are hand painted, the wedding cake is that much more unique. In recent years, hand painted wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular.  It shows the uniqueness of the bride and groom as well as some insight to their personality as a couple.  When a wedding cake is hand painted, it's truly one of a kind. I recently used a hand painted wedding cake in a styled shoot, featured here and here, and I have fallen in love with them all over again. Whether you're having flowers, the city your groom proposed, places you love to travel, or love notes, I've gathered some of my favorite hand painted cakes to give you some inspiration. Enjoy!

HPainted1Image Courtesy of Courtesy of HPainted3Image Courtesy of WeddingBells.caHPainted4Image Courtesy of Courtesy of NigerianWedding.orgHPainted6Image Courtesy of BurnettsBoards.comHPainted7Image Courtesy of CalligraphyByJennifer.netHPainted8Image Courtesy of HPainted10Image Courtesy of SweetFaceCakes.comHPainted11Image Courtesy of SweetDisposition.comHPainted12Image Courtesy of NewportWeddingGlam.comHPainted13Image Courtesy of CakeCentral.comGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAImage Courtesy of CakeChooser.comHPainted15Image Courtesy of CakeCentral.comHPainted16

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Creative Wedding Napkin Details

I tell the story through the details. That's how I'm able to incorporate the style and personalities of my brides and grooms into each wedding that I do.  When it comes down to setting the table, I'm all about being creative and giving the guests an experience.  I like to fold or accent the napkin in a a way that represents the couple, the style of event, and compliment the design.  Here are a few creative napkin folds to inspire you for your wedding day. Happy planning! Napkin1 Image via via Tracey Autem Photography

Napkin2Image via

Napkin3 Image via

DSC_5018Image via Photography by The Studio B Photography

Napkin4Image via

Napkin5Image via

Napkin6 Image via

Napkin7Image by

Pumpkin Centerpieces for Fall Weddings

It's now officially the fall season; one of my favorites for weddings.  It's the time where we get to see bold, dark colors and also the time where we can get creative with the wedding day centerpieces.  Because the holidays are just around the corner, pumpkins are popping up at the grocery stores and the farmer's markets. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate pumpkins, both orange and white, into your fall weddings.  I've gathered some of my favorites for your inspiration. PumpkinCenterpiece Image via

PC4Image via

PC5Image via

PumpkinCenterpiece2Image via

PC3Image via

PC7Image via

PC8Image via


Fashionable Bridal Headpieces

When it comes to wedding fashion, it's not just the dresses that I love.  I absolutely adore bridal headpieces and the way they accentuate the bride's wedding gown.  Many bride's have opted out of wearing veils and have chosen to go with a headpiece that fits more into their personal style, be it Bohemian, vintage, or even 1920's Gatsby inspired. I tell my brides to celebrate you the way you'd like to celebrate and if wearing a veil isn't you, I have some great great headpiece options to inspire you to just be you on your wedding day! Headpiece1

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Seaglass Wedding Inspiration

Beach weddings have been popular since the beach has been in existence.  Today, the latest trend added to beach and beach themed weddings is seaglass! Blue is my personal favorite color because of its connection to the ocean and the tranquility that it represents for me. Seaglass is a gorgeous touch to add to a wedding and can be incorporated in so many different ways; varying shades of blue in the bridesmaids dresses, a bold statement piece of jewelry on your wedding day, your signature drink, the wedding cake and so much more.  I've put together a seaglass inspiration board to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you if you're planning a beach wedding or incorporating seaglass.  Enjoy!

Seaglass Collage

Bridesmaids Image: Oceanside Bride: Dress Image: Tablescape Image: Style Me Pretty Cake Image: Stationery Image: Necklace Image: Martini Image: Escort Cards Image:


Pale Blue & Orange Wedding Inspiration

I know we're heading into fall but I want to hold onto the summer just a little bit longer; the bright colors, the softness, and just the warmth.  Orange is such a happy color and one of my favorite colors for weddings as well.  Today, I've paired it with pale blue, for a soft yet romantic wedding inspiration.  Enjoy! Blue & Orange Palette

Bridesmaids Image: Tuxedo Image: Cookies Image: Bouquet Image: Cake Image: Stationery Image: Table Setting Image: Drinks Image:

Floral Table Runners

We're always seeing new trends emerging in the wedding industry and the latest happens to be table runners made from amazing florals.  Floral table runners add such an amazing element to the decor and give the eyes something to feast upon, in conjunction with the centerpieces that are on the table.  Today, for this Trendy Thursday, I've compiled some of my favorite floral table runners for your inspiration. TableRunner

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Gorgeous Wedding Chair Decor

I remember when I first started planning weddings, almost ten years ago, wedding chairs were basic brown, black, and white.  The hottest thing at the time was the Chiavari chair in gold and silver; then here comes the Chiavari ghost chair. We all know that the trends in the wedding industry continues to change.  Today, we see the same Chiavari wedding chairs and a few others during wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Brides are choosing to not only decorate the ballroom, but also decorate the wedding chairs as well.  If your budget can handle it, I think it's a very creative way to add some additional decor and personality to your wedding reception. Today, I've gathered my top ten wedding chair decorations that you may be able to gain inspiration from for your own wedding or next event.











Wedding Inspiration: Ivory, Green, & Gold

It's no secret that the summer months are the biggest months to get married and plan a wedding because brides love to get married outdoors.  The weather is nice and warm and nature allow us to use it as decor, when it's not raining.  Today, I've put together a nature inspired inspiration board of ivory, green, and gold because I love the summer months and the sunshine, just as much as the next person.  I hope you're inspired and I hope you enjoy! Ivory Green & Gold Numbered

1) Centerpiece Image: 2) Bridesmaids Image: 3) Perfume Image: 4: Bride Image) 5) Tablescape Image: 6) Earrings Image: 7) Caramel Apples Image: 8) Wedding Cake Image:

Cream and Gold Inspiration

I have always love the combination of cream and gold.  There's just something so clean and classic about it. Weddings look more soft and romantic when they're designed with the subtle tones of the creamy textures and they happen to work well together all year long. Today, I've put together an inspiration board of the cream and gold color palette to show that they can easily work together and compliment each other.  I hope you enjoy! Cream and Gold

1) Car Image: 2) Bouquet Image: 3) Cake Image: 4) Chair Image:

Summertime Party Time: Drink Inspiration

It's officially spring time and for most of us, it feels like summer.  This means there will be a lot of celebrating outdoors.  Whether, you're having an outdoor wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary party, a simply a beach party, you'll want to serve your guests something cool and refreshing, but most importantly, good.  Today, I've put together some drink inspiration from my Pinterest boards for whatever outdoor event you're celebrating this summer.  Enjoy!