Inspired to Succeed

I attended the Inspire Smart Success Experience, hosted by Stacie Francombe ( and it was so much more than I expected!  Many times we sign up for up for conferences or seminars; wanting and eager to learn but are often turned off by the classroom setting, long hours, or the feeling of being “lectured” to.  This was so the opposite of any seminar or conference I had ever been to and I learned information about getting my company published in print and on TV that is by far the most valuable I’ve heard to date!

Registration and Place Cards

The awesome Swag Bags w/Name Tags!

The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting.  The panel included the amazing Wedding & Event Designers, Dianne Valentine and Tiffany Cook, Tony Conway of A Legendary Event, and the editors of some of my favorite wedding magazines!  They were seated on while leather furniture to give a relaxed feel.  We were provided with ISSE pens and notebooks to take notes and absorb all of the information, and when the AC got too cold, the awesome Swag Bags contained green shawls to cover our arms!  To stay connected, we were also given tiny profile books that included our picture, company, and Twitter ID!  How cool is that?

The Panel

Decorated tables w/ISSE notebooks & contact books

My place setting
We learned to important of a sizzle reel and how to write a press kit, the difference between an advertisement and an editorial, and most importantly, that we have nothing to lose so try everything you got!  Go after what you want as it won’t come to you.  Be persistent and doors will open.  Once they do, exude confidence in the brand that you’ve created.  I am Inspired to Succeed…Are you???